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Combatting the Zombiefication of Legal Content Marketing with a Plan

Grunge cracked zombie virus concept background with some soft smooth lines

In keeping with our theme of zombies (this is the last post on this for a while, I swear), when last we saw our intrepid band of beloved Walking Dead characters, they were coming up with a plan to fight Negan and the Survivors. Without a plan, they spent much of the previous season just reacting to a bad situation – they thought they had all the information they needed on Negan, and took out one of his outposts, only to learn it was a small segment of his followers, and **spoiler alert** people died.

While no one is going to die without a content marketing plan, a rigorous, strategic plan can turn what is haphazard actions taken with fingers crossed into an efficient formula for building your online reputation into something that works for you. A plan combats the two issues we addressed with hit-or-miss content marketing last week,

  1. You’re a busy person who needs efficient marketing that works for you.
  2. Your audience is comprised of busy people who won’t hunt through tons of content to find the gems.

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Week of January 16, 2017 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupIt’s been a busy week here at the ILN, and we’re still very excited about our inclusion in The Lawyer’s shortlist for Global Law Firm Network of the Year! Our members have been busy too, producing some excellent and important content that we’ve showcased on ILNToday. Check out the roundup here:

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Combatting the Zombiefication of Legal Content Marketing with Data

Grunge cracked zombie virus concept background with some soft smooth lines

On all The Walking Dead quizzes I’ve taken, the results always show that I’m a Carol (TWD fans, you know what I mean).

But we’re not fighting actual walkers (or Saviors) – just the zombiefication of legal content marketing that’s been happening over the last couple of years as the patina wears off on our shiny new toy of content. Who’s with me?

This week, we’re looking at the second tactic that Shane Snow of The Content Strategist outlines in his piece for combatting content zombies, and that’s data – YAY DATA!  Continue Reading

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International Lawyers Network Shortlisted as Global Network of the Year by “The Lawyer” for Second Year

ILNWe’re pretty thrilled around here after hearing late last week the very exciting news that the ILN was shortlisted for the second year in a row for Global Network of the Year by The Lawyer. This is only the second year the category has been included for consideration the awards.

Judges in this category examine evidence of strategic vision, with particular focus on cross-border initiatives, consistent excellence in the delivery of legal services and outstanding talent management, in evaluating the submissions. We’re incredibly proud that the strong relationships that we have with our members (and among our members!) provide us with the support that allow us to develop innovative marketing strategies that make such honors possible.  Continue Reading

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ILN Firm of the Month – Bryn Aarflot, Intellectual Property Boutique – Oslo, Norway!


The ILN is proud to announce our latest firm of the month, Bryn Aarflot, Intellectual Property Boutique – Oslo, Norway!
Bryn Aarflot was founded in 1947 and is one of Norway’s leading intellectual property firms. Their clients range from large international companies to individual entrepreneurs, representing all fields of business and industry.

The firm provides technical and legal expertise at all levels on all areas of intellectual property law.

Bryn Aarflot’s professionals draw on their broad range of technical backgrounds and legal experience to serve the needs of the client.

What makes them unique and different from most other IP firms is that as well as being one of Norway’s leading filing and prosecution firms, they also act as litigators. This enables them to offer a full range of services in the IP field.

Bryn Aarflot has regularly been ranked by the renowned, independent publication Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) as the “Norwegian IP Law Firm of the Year,” and is listed in the top tier of MIP’s World IP Survey in trademark, copyright and patent law.

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Week of January 9, 2017 – A Roundup! 

roundupI’m off to the windy city tomorrow to meet with some fellow Legal Marketing Association members for the Your Honor Awards judging weekend! Your Honor Awards are considered to be the “Oscars” of legal marketing, and this weekend is when we take the individual judging work that we’ve been doing over the last several weeks (looking at more than 200 entries) and get together as a group to discuss who has been doing some of the most brilliant marketing of the past year in a variety of categories. It’s my third experience judging, and it’s always both fun and rather intense to go through all of the entries!

So since I’m flying on a jet plane tomorrow morning, you get this week’s top posts from ILNToday a day early:

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Combatting the Zombiefication of Legal Content Marketing with Breakthrough Storytelling

Grunge cracked zombie virus concept background with some soft smooth lines

17 million people watched the October 23rd premiere of the 7th season of The Walking Dead.

Although the show is wildly popular because of its writing and its character development, it’s safe to say that it’s also a huge hit because, well, zombies.

Zombies may not be the biggest threat facing our friends on TWD at the moment, but it turns out that zombie-thinking IS the biggest threat facing our content marketing efforts in the legal industry.

That might sound extremely dire, but hear me out – as we look at the saturation point we’re reaching with content (both in and outside the legal industry) and we look at the lack of care a lot of us are giving to the details over the tools and the shiny new thing, we’re just blindly producing more and more and more and more, adding more noise (as Adrian Lurssen would say).  Continue Reading

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Week of January 2, 2017 – A Roundup! 

roundupIt’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of the first week in January (and that tomorrow is my birthday – shameless plug), but we’re here with the first roundup of 2017! New to the roundup this week is our member firm in Argentina, who is checking in with some legislative updates now that the government is repealing some of the policies of the last 12 years. So stay tuned for additional news on that front!

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: New Year’s Resolutions (aka Decisions, Decisions, Decisions)

Rainmaking expert and trainer, Jaimie Field, is back with her bi-monthly recommendations, and she’s kicking off the year by talking about resolutions (Do you have any?). See what she has to say about every day decisions adding up to big changes.


Happy New Year!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for this year?

Have you ever made any resolutions in the past?  How many of them did you actually keep?  Continue Reading

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Three Ways to Inspire Your Marketing in 2017

FullSizeRender2017 is here and that means a fresh, clean slate, right?

I like fresh starts, and I like that I feel like I get two of them during the year – one in January with the advent of a new year, and one in September when the school year begins again (even though I’m not in school anymore). But with 2017, I’m struggling to feel rejuvenated. It could be the two solid days of rain we’ve had to kick off this week, or the tough slog that was 2016, but whatever the reason, I’m just not feeling it this week.

I suspect that I might not be alone in this, so in today’s post, we’re going to be looking at some ways we can generate a little inspiration this week if you’re struggling (or even if you’re not!). And if it takes us a few weeks to get our fresh start, then that’s okay too. I’m all about a kinder, gentler 2017, so if we don’t get a perfect jump start right out of the gate, that’s what second chances are for.

As we dive into our three inspirations, huge thanks goes out to my friend, Lance Godard, who helped me formulate a germ of an idea into a palatable post today!  Continue Reading