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Week of June 27, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupAs expected, we do have a couple of Brexit-related posts from ILN members, to keep you updated on what’s next – one that’s a full briefing on the impact and potential next steps, and one that focuses on the estate law side of things. Stay tuned here and to ILNToday for additional information. We’ve also got plenty of other content from around the world, with quite a few interesting pieces from our members! For those of you celebrating the 4th of July holiday, enjoy and stay safe!

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Networking Tip: Find Your Niche

13332904_10154279719942792_2649109038483551548_nLet’s face it: networking can be hard. Unless you’re someone who thrives on meeting other people (and many of us don’t, including yours truly), networking is something that we consider to be a chore, albeit a necessary one.

So why not pair it with something that you already like doing?

For example, I’ve been a runner on and off for about the last seven years – mostly off (you may remember when I mentioned that running is like content marketing). Over the past year, I’ve really committed to it, and even ran my first half marathon in April. As I’ve posted about my runs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I’ve found a community of runners among my existing network – including of my own lawyers. It turns out that quite a few of my lawyers are runners themselves. Continue Reading

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Two Steps to Bring the WOW Factor To Your Email Marketing

photo-1460804198264-011ca89eaa43Last week, we talked about two steps to bring the WOW factor back to your content marketing. Continuing with that theme, and the post that inspired it, we’re going to look at two more actions that those of us producing content for law firms should be taking to make sure that we’re wow-ing with our email content.

Step One: Give More Attention to Your Client Alerts

In his post, Pulizzi says:

Give more time and attention to your newsletter. Is it truly amazing or is it something your customers consider ‘salesy’ or spam? Of all the subscription options we have with our customers, including all social channels, email is where we have the most control over messaging.”

While he’s talking about newsletters (and you can certainly apply this advice to any newsletters you’re producing as well), I’d like to concentrate on the client alert, as it’s something that continues to get attention. Why is that?  Continue Reading

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Week of June 20, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!


With the Brexit results in this morning from the UK, I’m sure we’ll be seeing quite a bit of commentary in the coming days about the effects on businesses, both in the UK and the EU. Scotland’s Miller Samuel Hill Brown previewed the implications for employment law earlier this week, so you’ll want to take a look at their post for an idea of what’s to come, and keep an eye on ILNToday for the latest news from our firms on what Brexit may mean as the dust starts to settle.

We had quite a lot of other news from around the Network on ILNToday this week as well:

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Two Steps to Bring Back the WOW Factor To Your Content

photo-1463453091185-61582044d556Taped to my computer monitor, I have a set of photobooth photos from last years LMA New England conference, which include the conference theme: “What’s Your WOW Factor?” As much as I enjoy seeing the photos of my friends and I from the conference, the theme itself is a constant reminder to be asking myself that question as I undertake my daily tasks – “What’s my WOW Factor today?”

In today’s post, I want to look at two steps that law firms should be taking right now in their content marketing (as part of a series of posts), thanks to this piece from the Content Marketing Institute by Joe Pulizzi. These steps, and the ones that follow, have me thinking about that very idea – what’s our “wow” factor when it comes to content marketing – because in the end, that’s what it’s really all about. The thing that makes our audiences sit up and take notice of what we’re putting out for their consumption.

Pulizzi sets up his post by saying that these action steps are reminders to keep us on track in our content marketing – and I love that idea. We can easily get bogged down in the day to day nitty gritty that we lose sight of the forest for the trees. So action steps such as these are a way to pause, take stock, and ensure that what we’re doing with our content is effective and valuable, so that we’re getting the most for our efforts. And in a time and in an industry where we don’t want to waste any efforts, that’s essential.  Continue Reading

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Week of June 13, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupIt’s a beautiful day here in the northeast, and we’ve got some great global content for you in our roundup from ILNToday. So grab a cup of coffee and check out this week’s top posts!

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ILN Firm of the Month – Michel LLP, Berlin, Germany!


June/July 2016

The ILN is proud to announce our latest firm of the month, Michel LLP – Berlin, Germany!


Located in the heart of Berlin, Michel LLP has been a genuine alternative to large and impersonal law firms since 2001. People who come to them seeking advice and help profit from their broad expertise and highly qualified legal work. At the same time, they feel that they are in good hands. They attach great importance to personal support for every single client. Continue Reading

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: The Robots are Coming! The Robots are Coming!

Are you worried that technology is going to take over the legal profession and make lawyer obsolete? Then rainmaking coach and trainer, Jaimie Field‘s latest post is for you! And she’s speaking my language, because the focus is on relationships.


There is a lot of chatter lately about whether the legal industry is going to be taken over by technology.  Are lawyers in danger of becoming obsolete?

In 2016, the answer is no.  However, that doesn’t mean that certain tasks in which attorneys are currently engaged won’t be taken over by the rise of the machines. In fact, it’s happening now.     Continue Reading

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Two Takeaways for Stellar Events Marketing

photo-1450609283058-0ec52fa7eac4Last week, we looked at one of the entries that had been submitted and won for this year’s Your Honor Awards for the Legal Marketing Association. I liked the concept so much that I want to take the opportunity to do it again, this time with one of my other favorite entries: K&L Gates LLP’s “Australian Open – Building Brand Awareness for a New Entry Down Under.”

I know a thing or two about events, because we put on a lot of them for the ILN, so I love getting the chance to see what other firms and organizations are doing with theirs. A lot of firms and companies tend to stick to sort of the same script, so when an event stands out like this one did, it was easy to get excited. You’ll notice if you look at the overall winners for the YHA that there was only one awarded in events, and that was first place to this entry – there was good reason for that.

It wasn’t an inexpensive endeavor – the event was a sponsorship of the Australian Open, to highlight K&L Gates’ breaking into the Australian legal market. But the two takeaways I have for you have nothing to do with having a big budget. So whether you’re a small firm or solo or a mega firm, you can take these to heart for your next event to help bring it to the next level.  Continue Reading

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Week of June 6, 2016 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupAfter a whirlwind conference in Boston last week, we’re getting back to normal around here and back to our regularly scheduled posts (I hope!). I’ve got a lot of new projects in progress and in the works, which may or may not show up here on Zen, but will certainly be keeping us busy at the ILN!

Our lawyers are also busy with their content production, and we had a lot of great conversation about producing and sharing content last week when we were together. So I hope to be bringing you some additional interesting content from around the world soon. In the meantime, here is this week’s roundup of top posts from ILNToday!