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Three Essential Lessons for the New “New” Normal at Law Firms

Four years ago, we were talking about the “new normal” for law firms. It’s almost comical to believe that we’re still talking about it as if it’s new. It’s not.

Even at that time, Above the Law was telling us that the new normal was really more of the “old normal,” though if we’re honest, there is a lot to show that it really is more new than anything else. But that being said, Above the Law’s advice from four years ago still manages to hold true today. Many firms move at a glacial pace, so we can still be learning and adjusting based on their suggestions (which is a bit scary, but let’s just go with it).  Continue Reading

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International Lawyers Network Welcomes New Firm in South Korea, Lee International IP & Law Group

We’re thrilled to welcome a new member firm in South Korea, Lee International IP & Law Group!

Lee International is a full-service law firm, serving its clients with a range of practice areas in addition to its long-standing intellectual property practice. These areas of service include advice and representation in finance, real estate, M&A, general corporate, antitrust and fair trade, health care, domestic and foreign litigation and international arbitrations, labor, tax, general commercial, entertainment, customs, international trade remedies, government investigations, criminal matters and others. Continue Reading

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ILN Firm of the Month – VGCD – Colombia!

The ILN is proud to announce our latest firm of the month, VGCD, Colombia!
Valbuena Gamboa García Cardona (VGCD) is a Colombian-based firm located in Bogotá. This firm was created to provide legal services domestically and internationally with a focus on providing the highest standards of quality, efficiency and creativity to its clients.

The firm serves its clients with four partners and a team of twenty three lawyers, each with experience in a range of practice areas.

This full-service firm has a cross section of practice areas, including the following: exchange law; labor law; corporate law; fusions and acquisitions; public law; civil rights; family rights; personal data protection; competition law and consumer; real estate law; litigation, arbitration and insolvency; tax law and tax planning; financial and securities law; intellectual, industrial property and copyright; and mining law.

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Two Easy Tips to Power Network Like a Pro

How can we network better?

Many posts offer the same tips, spun in a different way – and that’s important, because I can always get something out of implementing the tried and true.  But when I find something unique, I’m always happy to share it.

Recently, I came across this piece from Branding Magazine, with “5 Tips to Network Like the Pros.” Despite all of the change happening in the legal industry, we still know that relationships are paramount – and maybe even more so than ever.

Bearing that in mind, let’s work on supercharging our networking. Branding Magazine offers 5 tips, but let’s take a look at two of them, and how they relate to the legal industry. Continue Reading

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What’s Holding us Back from Real Change in Legal?

“Change or die.”

How many times have you heard that over the last eight years?

A friend of mine in the legal industry pointed that out to me recently, along with commenting that it always sounds so dire. And it does sound dire.

But after the statistics that we covered in a recent post (1/3 of clients are openly dissatisfied with their outside counsel, chief legal officers rank firms at a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale for commitment to change, and clients are moving their legal work to other firms or to non-firm vendors), it would seem that we should be properly incentivized to speed up the pace of change. From the Peer Monitor/Georgetown 2016 Report on the State of the Legal Market, which cautioned BigLaw against a “Kodak moment” Continue Reading

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Week of July 10, 2017 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through July already! I start two weeks of holiday today, but before I do, here is the latest in your top posts from ILNToday! We have quite an impressive roundup this week from around the world:

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ILN Firm of the Month – Ferrari Pedeferri Boni Studio Legale Associato, Italy!

The ILN is proud to announce our latest firm of the month, Ferrari Pedeferri Boni Studio Legale Associato – Italy!
Ferrari Pedeferri Boni is an independent Italian law firm that handles legal issues on business law, with main office in Milan and secondary office in Trieste. They strive for excellence in their services and are proud to meet the highest international standards of the legal profession. Their clients are entrepreneurs and executives, Italian and foreigners, and their philosophy is to take a pragmatic and business-oriented approach when assisting them. They regularly handle cross-border and international transactions and litigation cases. Over the years, they have garnered significant expertise in international market and have developed a trusted network of professionals that they put at the disposal of their clients when needed.

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5 Ways a Law Firm Network Can Make Your Firm More Successful

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a titanic shift in the legal industry, and one thing I know for sure is that we’ve all got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Change, innovation, disruption – it’s all here to stay, and how it shakes out will be different for each law firm and law firm client.

What we do know is that the client is king – they always were, but now they know it too. And that means clients expect their firms to get creative about ways and means to provide value. This can be accomplished in a myriad of ways, depending on your strategy, goals, and clients, but a piece of that puzzle is the law firm network. Continue Reading

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Week of July 3, 2017 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

It was a short week for most US firms this week, with the 4th of July holiday falling on Tuesday. But we still have some excellent content coming your way for the roundup!

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Nine Business Development Tips to Practice on Your Summer Vacation

Who wants to think about work while they’re on vacation?

I know, the idea is to get AWAY from work. And I fully endorse that. But there are two things I know to be true:

  • You never know who you’ll meet, and where – you may meet a potential client or referral source while you’re sitting on the beach!
  • Sometimes, doing thirty minutes of some type of work during a vacation day actually can make the rest of your day feel MORE enjoyable. (I didn’t make this up – Gretchen Rubin, of the Happiness Project, figured this one out)

With those two things in mind, you can start implementing the following business development tips during your summer vacation and set yourself up for future success!  Continue Reading