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Using the Client Experience to Up Your Game

The final session that I’d like to share from the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference this year focused on learning lessons from businesses outside of the legal industry – while there’s something to be said for understanding what your peers are doing within the industry, there’s a lot to be learned from other professionals as … Continue Reading

Change: What’s Holding Us Back?

“Change or die.” How many times have you heard that over the last eight years? A friend of mine in the legal industry pointed that out to me yesterday, along with commenting that it always sounds so dire. And it does sound dire. But after the statistics that we covered in last week’s post (1/3 … Continue Reading

Law Firms: The Future is NOW

The “law firm of the future.” We’ve spent a lot of time talking about this in recent months, not because I find it to be interesting (which I do), but because other than my “Instagram for Lawyers” post, this has been the hottest topic on Zen this year. I had a conversation with a senior … Continue Reading

Law Firm of the Future: It’s About the People

The law firm of the future continues to be a hot topic of discussion, not just here on Zen, but among lawyers around the world. Both at our recent ILN European Regional Conference and the Association of International Law Firm Network’s (AILFN) Inaugural Summit, the questions of “what comes next?” and “how do we prepare … Continue Reading

How to Lose a Client in One Easy Step

If you ask any of my lawyers, they’ll tell you that I have a “mad face.” I reserve it for times when I need to get them moving from one thing to the next at conferences (and they’re not hustling), or when I am actually frustrated about something that’s not running as smoothly for them … Continue Reading

Client Service: Think Like a Client!

The advice to "think like a client" in order to improve your client service is not a new one – but today, I want to offer you a little bit of a twist on that advice, which will help you to up your game.  The idea of thinking like your client can be a daunting … Continue Reading

Client Service: How did you Make a Client Happy TODAY?

As I was thinking about client service this morning, I wondered to myself whether there was anything left to discuss that hasn’t already been said. Of course, there’s an old adage that roughly says something about there being no new ideas, just new people discussing them, but even here at Zen, we’ve already talked about … Continue Reading

Client Service: What would make you leave?

This morning, Nancy Myrland wrote an excellent blog post on one of the most important questions you should be asking your clients, both new clients and long-term clients:  What can I do to keep you as a client for the long haul?" Nancy must be reading my mind again, because I have "client service" down … Continue Reading

Client Service: The Power of “I’m Sorry”

Last week, when we talked about thinking like a marketer, I shared the following statistic from Blue Kite Marketing:  People use hundreds of products and services every day. About 95 percent of those interactions go completely unnoticed. Another three percent of those experiences are ones that you are complaining about." What that tells us is … Continue Reading

Client Service: There are no Stupid Questions

This afternoon, I was thinking back to my very first "official" job, as kennel help at a pet store in northern New Jersey. It was hard work, and long hours, but playing with puppies was a pretty great benefit of working there. It also taught me a lot, and one lesson I remember being crystal … Continue Reading

Good Client Service: How Well Are You Listening?

The week before last, I was on the road in Chicago. Funnily enough, I checked in to the Amalfi Hotel in January, and because they changed names, checked out of the Kinzie Hotel in February.  One thing that didn’t change was their high level of service though, and I want to share a story with … Continue Reading

Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: The Mathematics of Time for Rainmaking

On this lovely Wednesday morning, we bring you another rainmaking recommendation from expert, Jaimie Field, Esq!  *** Over the next few Rainmaking Recommendations and blogs on JaimieField.com, we will be talking about time – your time and your clients’ time.   These posts will be about client service & productivity management, rainmaking and legal marketing.  However, … Continue Reading

Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Pick a Niche to Scratch Their (Legal) Itch (Part 1)

Today, I’m bringing you another excellent rainmaking recommendation from expert, Jaimie Field, Esq., which is perfect timing, since I’m in Mainz, Germany at the moment for the ILN’s 2013 European Regional Meeting.  ***   Rainmaking Recommendation # 86: Pick A Niche to Scratch Their (Legal) Itch (Part 1) You cannot be all things to all … Continue Reading

Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Stop Networking with People You Know at the Networking Event

On this first Wednesday in September, we have an excellent rainmaking recommendation from expert Jaimie Field – ILN members, as we jump into our own networking season with our European and Americas Regional Meetings upcoming, pay particular note! *** It’s Networking Season again. Did you ever notice how many invites for various networking events you … Continue Reading