Week of April 9, 2012 on ILNToday - A Roundup

Happy Friday the 13th all! We've had some very popular posts this week, and excellent content as always coming from our member firms. So without further ado...

  • Men Must be Allowed the Same Child Care Leave as Women from Epstein Becker & Green: EBG's Peter Panken and Jennifer Goldman talk us through Ehrhard v. LaHood, to illustrate why employers must have gender-neutral family leave policies. 
  • How to Choose a FINRA Arbitration Panel from Epstein Becker & Green: EBG's latest blog, The Bellwether, has hit the ground running with a number of successful posts. This post from John Fullerton III discusses how to choose a FINRA arbitration panel, and is the first in a series on practices and procedures in employment-related arbitrations before FINRA.
  • The Pinning Rules from Davis & Gilbert: Davis & Gilbert discusses Pinterest from a brand perspective, and what brands need to be aware of when using the site.


 Happy reading!

Week of January 23, 2012 on ILN Today - Roundup!

It's time for another roundup here on a rainy Friday morning in New Jersey! 

Once again we're seeing some excellent content coming out of our member firms from around the world - I highly recommend checking out these articles and blog posts. I'm switching over entirely to a top 10 each week, so without further ado, here's your roundup for this week!

  • Digital IP and the Supreme Court of Canada Crookes v. Newton from Fogler Rubinoff: In this article, IP expert, Colleen Spring Zimmerman examines the sticky issue of hyperlinks with respect to libel in the case of Crookes v Newton, and the potential ramifications for copyright issues. 
  • Trends 2012: Employment tribunals from Fladgate LLP: Lou Marshall of Fladgate LLP discusses an employment tribunal's recent award to Dr. Eva Michalak, the measures being implemented by the government in April as part of a tribunal review, and things to be aware of.


  • NLRB Increases Scrutiny of Employer Restrictions on Employee Social Media Usage from Epstein Becker & Green: Ana Salper looks at the NLRB's second report, which describes cases reviewed by the office of its acting General Counsel. She identifies the two main points that the report underscores for employers, as well as the line between which employee communications via social media are protected, and which are not. 
  • Beware potential liabilities of multiemployer pension plans from McDonald Hopkins: McDonald Hopkins' John M. Wirtshafter discusses the potential liabilities of multiemployer pension plans, and what employers can do to protect their companies.
  • Putting The Accent On .CA Domains from Clark Wilson: Clark Wilson discusses the Canadian Internet Registration Authority's recent report on the results of their consultation on the proposed implementation of .CA domains with French characters. 
  • PPS ready or PPS worried? from Gadens Lawyers: Jon Denovan discusses Australia's new Personal Property Security regime, which comes into force on January 30, 2012. He details what types of companies will be affected, what is required, and how important the new legislation will be. 
  • Business Outlook Survey from McDonald Hopkins: Carl Grassi shares the results of the firm's 2012 business outlook survey, with the headline that "Modest improvements in business conditions expected in 2012 despite growing frustrations with Congress." The ten-question survey is emailed to the firm's clients during the first weeks of the year, and offers some fascinating insights. 
  • A Closer Look At Environmental Regulations & Health Care Facilities from Epstein Becker & Green: Sheila Woolson guests posts at the Toxic Tort Litigation Blog, where she "analyzes the potential CERLCA liability of medical facilities for the disposal of non-medical solid waste and makes practical recommendations concerning how medical facilites can limit their CERCLA exposure."
  • STAMP DUTY AND ITS EFFECT ON TRANSACTIONS from Halsbury Chambers: Halsbury Chambers' Colin Thompson discusses the stamp duty in the Bahamas, its effects on land and business transactions, which transactions are subject, and exemptions.
  • NLRB forces employers to review arbitration agreements from McDonald Hopkins: Brendan Fitzgerald authors another post on the NLRB, who have turned their attention to employer-employee arbitration agreements. 

Happy reading, and happy Friday!


Week of January 16, 2012 on ILN Today - Roundup!

Happy Friday everyone, and happy Chinese New Year to our colleagues in Asia! 

It's that time again - time for a weekly roundup of some of the great content we're seeing over on ILNToday. And even though it was a short week for some, there is no shortage of material coming from our attorneys! 

Since we did have so many interesting pieces come out this week, I'm going to give you a top ten instead of a top five (aren't you lucky?).

  • An Olympic Headache for employers? from Fladgate LLP: While Londerners are excited for the Olympic games to start this summer, there are some legitimate concerns that employers need to be aware of. Fladgate investigates some of those here. 
  • Vodafone Triumphs – SC Holds Tax Authority Has No Jurisdiction Over Overseas Transaction from LexCounsel: LexCounsel discusses the Supreme Court of India's landmark judgment, which set aside the Bombay High Court's decision that Indian tax authorities were right to assess Vodafone for Indian tax liabilities in their $11 billion acquisition of Hutchinson's 67% equity share in the Cayman Islands. 

  • Gaga about the FLSA from McDonald Hopkins: Who can resist a post that references Lady Gaga? Here, Miriam Rosen of McDonald Hopkins examines the lawsuit filed by Lady Gaga's personal assistant, Jennifer O'Neill, in the light of the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

  • New rules on licensing of the pharmaceutical activity in Russia from Lidings Law Firm: In this article, Lidings discusses the key issues surrounding the new rules on licensing of pharmaceutical activity in Russia, particularly what constitutes pharmaceutical activity, the governing authorities, the requirements, and how to obtain a pharmacy license. 

  • OIG Publishes Solicitation for Comments on New and Modified Safe Harbors Under the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute and New OIG Special Fraud Alerts; Proposals Due by 2/27/12 from Epstein Becker & Green: Epstein Becker & Green's Leah A. Roffman talks about the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services' annual notice, which solicits recommendations and proposals for developing new and modifying existing safe harbors under the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute and developing new OIG Special Fraud Alerts. She discusses the Anti-Kickback Statute's Safe Harbor provisions, OIG Special Fraud Alerts, and the considerations for all participants in the healthcare community.

  • Occupy the web? from Fladgate: Surprisingly, the only post from our attorneys this week about SOPA and PIPA comes from across the pond.  Our colleagues at Fladgate give an overview of the US bills, which leads into a discussion of recent legislation and decisions in Europe affecting the issue of piracy. 

  • More social media worries for employers from McDonald Hopkins: Brendan Fitzgerald examines the recent decision in the case Maremont v. Susan Fredman Design Group, LTD, which sheds light on a possible new avenue of concern for employers regarding social media - whether employers can and should use employees' personal social media accounts to promote their company if that employee is unable to do so. 

  • Indian Courts Act Tough on Social Networking Sites from LexCounsel Law Offices: LexCounsel also looks at social media issues, discussing recent strong stance by a Delhi court judge, who has ordered twenty-one social networking sites to remove "anti-religious" and "anti-social" content by February 6, 2012. They have threatened to go so far as China in blocking sites, so this will be a situation to watch. 

  • Business Law Communiqué from Robinson Sheppard Shapiro: In this edition of their business law newsletter, Robinson Sheppard Shapiro covers topics including the impact of the new Québec Business Corporations Act and Legal Publicity Act, notice of termination of employment in Québec, the latest pronouncements from the Court of Appeal, Demand Loans and other RSS Business News.

  • Be it snake oil or social media, transparency is recommended from Davis & Gilbert: To confirm that I'm not the only one talking about social media, here is yet another piece on the subject from the ILN's Davis & Gilbert. In his article for PR Week, Gary Kibel talks about the fine line between creative publicity tactics and deceptive practices with regard to social media. 

Happy Friday!

This week on ILNToday - A Roundup

In 2012, we're starting a new category of post here on Zen - the roundup! We've got a LOT of fabulous content coming in from our attorneys over at our main site, and I'll be giving you the highlights weekly.  Normally, I'll be doing these on Fridays, but I took the day off last Friday to give myself a three day birthday weekend, so you're getting TWO posts this week instead! 

  • NLRB again delays union rights posting requirement (McDonald Hopkins): McDonald Hopkins reports on the National Labor Relations Board's second delay for the posting date of the new notice that advises employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The new dates is April 30, 2012. 
  • Ohio Supreme Court Attorney-Client Privilege Ruling (McDonald Hopkins): McDonald Hopkins discusses the Ohio Supreme Court decision in The State ex rel. Dawson v. Bloom-Carroll Local School District, which holds that attorney-client privilege extends to communications between an insurance company and the counsel for the insured. They cover the facts and reasoning underlying the case, as well as the implications of the decision. 
  • Employment Law Trends that Will Affect Financial Companies in 2012 (Epstein Becker & Green): Epstein Becker & Green's John Fullerton III talks about five employment trends that may be hot button issues in the financial industry in 2012. 
  • Top Legal Issues for the Hospitality Industry to Watch in 2012 (Epstein Becker & Green): Epstein Becker & Green's Matthew Sorenson breaks down five issues that may impact the hospitality industry in 2012, as well as what lessons hospitality employers can take away from these. 
  • Labor: Developing formal orientation programs for new employees (Arnstein & Lehr): Arnstein & Lehr's E. Jason Tremblay talks about the why and how of setting up formal orientation programs for new employees. 

Happy reading!