We’re so excited to officially welcome our newest member firm, Fenno Attorneys at Law, in Finland!

A regional Finnish law firm, Fenno provides legal services for both corporate and private clients.

For corporate clients, Fenno is called upon to assist with corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, company reorganization and/or insolvency, tax law, labor law, dispute resolution and more.

For private clients, Fenno specializes in legal work related typically to real estate, dispute resolution, family law and estate administration. Their experts handle private individuals’ assignments related to tort law and customer disputes and assist plaintiffs in criminal proceedings.

Fenno regularly assists cities, municipalities, state enterprises, offices and government enterprises – the public sector. Examples of this work include public procurements, corporatization of state enterprises, financing arrangements and building projects.

As business needs continue to grow globally, law firm clients require access to an experienced legal support system. The addition of Fenno, as a member firm, means ILN law firm clients with legal needs in Finland will now have immediate access to attorneys who are native, both linguistically and culturally, to the country.

“Fenno Attorneys at Law is comprised of talented legal professionals,” said Alan Griffiths, ILN Executive Director “and their reputation for being creative, business-focused and responsive makes them an ideal ILN member firm.”

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For more information about Fenno visit their website at www.fennolaw.fi/en/ or their ILN profile at http://iln.com/Firm_Detail_582.htm