What happens when you lose touch with someone who may be a good connection for you? In today’s rainmaking recommendation post from coach, Jaimie Field, she explains how you can reconnect!


In a perfect world, you would never lose touch with anyone you have met.  You would never lose touch with your clients; you would never lose touch with a referral source; you would never lose touch with any prospects.

But this is not a perfect world and life creeps in to steal time from you every single day.  You look up and a week has passed, a month.  Another year has flown.   In fact, I cannot believe that it is already fall and that there are less than 4 months left to 2019. 
So, you lose touch.  But every person you lose touch with is a person who could bring you more business. In addition to working directly with them (and in some instances, again), you never know who they know.  So it becomes incumbent upon you to try to keep in touch with as many people as you possibly can.  This used to be a daunting task, but now it doesn’t have to be.

Now, because of the internet, because of email, and because of social media, you can keep in touch with multiple people on a regular basis.  But first, you have to reconnect with the ones with whom you have lost touch.

Sometimes it may seem embarrassing to have lost touch with others. Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but they probably haven’t noticed.  You must understand that like you, they have been dealing with their own lives and careers. It is not as if they were sitting around thinking: “Gee, I wish I could hear from (your name).  I wonder how they are doing,” because if they were thinking that they would probably just reach out themselves. But, if you want to be a rainmaker, then you have to consciously and continuously keep your name, your firm’s name and your practice in front of them as often as possible (without, of course, being a pest).

Reconnecting with Lost Contacts: 

If you are not already connected with the lost contact on social media then find them and connect with them.  On LinkedIn, you should include a note reminding them of who you are and how you know them. On Twitter and Instagram, you should send them a direct message (DM).  Unfortunately on Facebook you don’t have that luxury.  Often times if you try to send a direct message to someone to whom you are not connected it goes into what would be considered a SPAM folder and it may be a while before they see that message.   However, there are other methods for reaching out on Facebook that will have to wait for a future Rainmaking Recommendation.

If you are already connected with them, send them a note via the social media sites’ direct messages and tell them that their name came to mind and that you are wondering how they are and what they have been up to since you last communicated.  Or send them an article, blog post or piece of information that you know would be of interest to them.

You can also reconnect with them via email in the same manner.  It is very easy to find almost anyone’s email address with a quick search.  You can touch base with them via telephone or even handwritten note.

There are so many messages you can send to your lost contact.

  • If a lot of time has passed, maybe they have changed positions or companies – comment on that;
  • If you know they have children, ask how they are;.
  • If they have received any awards or accolades, congratulate them on that.

Any message at all which will remind them that you truly do know them and you know about them.  Be authentic and be sincere in your message.  It goes a long way to get them to respond.

Please do not take it personally if they do not respond. There could be many reasons including one that you may not like – they don’t remember you.  However, if they do respond or reconnect with you, don’t be surprised if they say they were thinking of you as well, or even if they have a matter or referral for you immediately.  I’ve seen it happen all of the time.  It may seem like serendipity and sometimes it is.

On a final note, once you have reconnected with these people, then you must find a way to keep in contact with them on a regular basis.  And, again – that is a subject for another Rainmaking Recommendation.