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Ask Friday! The Business Development Books Edition

Recently, when I was seeking out Ask Friday! questions, Cordell Parvin suggested that I answer the question of "What would you recommend busy lawyers be reading on business development and what will they get from it?" Nothing immediately popped into my mind, and Cordell was nice enough to share his list with me, as well … Continue Reading

Ask Friday! Superstars Edition by Cordell Parvin

For this week’s Ask Friday! we welcome guest poster, Cordell Parvin.  I’ve gotten to know Cordell through Twitter, and have been fortunate to see the excellent advice he has for lawyers through webinars and his upcoming video coaching series.   According to his website, "Cordell Parvin has practiced law for more than 36 years. He … Continue Reading

Ask Friday! Business Travel Prep Edition

Today’s Ask Friday! question comes from our very own Executive Director, Alan Griffiths, who asked me to share with you some tips for getting ready for a business trip.  We’ve all got our own lists and prep routines, but this has been on my mind this week while we’re getting ready to head over to … Continue Reading

Ask Friday! Asking for Business Edition

Today’s Ask Friday! question comes from legal client/business development coach and teacher, Cordell Parvin, who suggested today’s post focus on "How to ask for business." To answer this, I went back into our archives to find LegalBizDev’sJim Hassett’s thoughts on this very subject.  Since Jim’s an expert in this, I’ll give you his suggestions for … Continue Reading

Ask Friday! Marketing Budgeting Edition

This week’s Ask Friday! question comes to us from Jennifer Herendeen, the Marketing Manager for Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton.  She asks "What are typical items included in a marketing/business development budget? I’m trying to create a first ever budget at my firm." I think this is a question that a lot of marketers will … Continue Reading

Ask Friday! The Blogs I Read Edition

This week’s Ask Friday! answers the question of what blogs I read.  I’ll break this down into three categories – ILN member blogs, the blogs I read for professional reasons and growth, and the blogs I read for fun – feel free to add your favorites to the list in the comments! Professional Blogs: Above … Continue Reading

Ask Friday! Conference Attendance Edition

With our Annual Meeting coming up in just a few short weeks, I wanted to dedicate this week’s "Ask Friday" to the question of "how can I make the most out of attending a conference?"  You might think that just showing up and attending the events is enough, but with a little bit of strategy, … Continue Reading

Ask Friday!

Here at Zen I’ve decided to start a weekly post called "Ask Friday!" where I’ll take a reader question and answer it.  You can leave your questions in the comments for any post, if you’d like, or message me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Today’s question comes from Larry Bodine, of Larry Bodine Marketing, who … Continue Reading