Are you using social media to its fullest ability to help you in business development? Learn how using social listening can help you to build your book of business in Jaimie Field’s latest post.


Have you ever thought about using social monitoring to build your book of business?

Social monitoring/listening is using tools, like Google Alerts, Social Mention, Talkwalker, Mention (to name a scant few) to monitor what is on the internet based on specific queries that you set up. Many of them are free of charge or offer a freemium version (a less robust form of the program with minimum features of the version for which they would make you pay).
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Today’s rainmaking recommendation from expert and trainer, Jaimie Field, deals with a topic that is familiar to me – glossophobia, or the fear of standing up in front of a crowd. Is this something you suffer from? Read on…


Does the thought of standing up in front of a crowd scare you to death?  Would you rather have a root canal? This is called glossophobia and I’ll tell you something you may not know – even some of the biggest stars get scared about going out on stage.

Now, I love having an audience.  I have ever since I can remember.  After my first career choice at the age of 6 was shot down (I wanted to be a professional tambourine player like Val from Josie and the Pussycats – the 1970s cartoon), I decided I wanted to be a musical theater star. So I attended a theater camp in upstate New York called Stagedoor Manor.  While there, I realized that compared to these amazingly talented kids, I was mediocre and unless Bob Fosse saw me walking down the street and decided he had to have me star in his new show, I was going to be a chorus girl for life.  Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted more. 
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Rainmaking trainer and expert, Jaimie Field, is bringing us another solid tip for business development today, and it’s about exercise! She mentions me in here – not by name, but I’m the one who ran the Paris marathon this weekend – but that’s not the only reason I’m sharing this post. I’ll add to her comments that exercise is a great tool for business development, not just for the reasons she outlines below, but also because it gives you opportunities to connect to potential business contacts. Running with my lawyers enables a different group of people to network as we explore a new city – you may find that joining your local gym exposes you to potential clients or referral sources, or your weekly squash game is something that you can play with a new client. Rather than meeting for drinks, you meet for a round of golf or a new running route. Train for a race with a client or potential client, and it could change your whole relationship. Explore exercise as another way to develop business, as well as change the relationship you have with your health. And if you are a female runner, or a woman wanting to become a runner, check out the Badass Lady Gang, which has almost 60 chapters around the world and is a great way to get started (full disclosure, I lead my local chapter). 
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In today’s rainmaking recommendations post, coach and trainer, Jaimie Field is talking about what happens when you get writer’s block – and she event mentions yours truly!


If content is king, what happens when you get writers’ block?

You are staring at a blank white screen on your computer, your hands poised nervously over the computer keyboard (or if you are old school, the  8”x14” yellow legal pad with a pen in your hands) waiting for some inspiration to hit you.

I have been plagued with writer’s block for a few days and have been wracking my brain for ideas; I have been scouring the internet for some revelation of what I could write about for this issue of Rainmaking Recommendations, and……..
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Today’s rainmaking recommendation from Jaimie Field is an interesting one, and she and I chatted about it yesterday – it’s one where we don’t totally agree, so readers of Zen, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! My perspective is that dress code varies widely (acceptably so) based on cultural factors – sometimes including climate, client base, type of firm, etc. And yes, as the age of the firm changes, so does the dress code. Jaimie tends to feel strongly about this (as you’ll see in her post below). What do you think?


I may get my butt handed to me on a silver platter for this post, but I will still write this because I truly believe what I am about to say:

Attorneys have to go back to dressing like professionals!
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Here with this week’s Rainmaking Recommendation is expert and trainer, Jaimie Field!


Those who know me know that I am obsessed with personal & business development.  Since I was 18 years old I have been reading books by Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peal, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Florence Scovill Shinn, and so many others.  I have a library of thousands of books and recorded programs that I have listened to and read over the years.

(I hate the term “self-help” because it implies that there is something fundamentally wrong with the person who is reading the books or listening to the recordings.  Instead, I prefer the term “Success Literature” because that is what I am trying to achieve.)
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Rainmaking trainer and coach, Jaimie Field, is back with rainmaking recommendations to kick off your new year in the right way. Check out her latest in today’s post.


A brand new year had started and you are being given a blank slate upon which to write another chapter of your life story. I get excited whenever a New Year comes around because it reminds me of the expectations I have for a great new year.  Particularly since 2018 was not an easy year for me – my father (my mentor and teacher), who was one of the reasons I went to law school, passed away and it truly knocked me down for a little while. 
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In today’s Rainmaking Recommendation post from expert and trainer, Jaimie Field, she addresses a question you likely know the answer to – are all rainmaking activities created equal? And if not, should you be devoting your time to lower value activities, and considering “rainmaking” checked off your to-do list? Read on…


Ever since I became a Rainmaking Trainer and Coach more than 16 years ago, I have said over and over again that you need to do some marketing or business development activity every single day.

However, recently I was asked a question:

How much time should I spend on marketing and business development activities per week? 
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Rainmaking expert and trainer, Jaimie Field, is bringing us a post today, and the title might make you a bit uncomfortable. But she’s speaking the truth. Read on to find out why.


I’m in a facebook group with a lot of really great attorneys.  And recently, there has been a spate of posts which detail the obnoxiousness that some attorneys face with potential clients who are contacting them.

Many lawyers, particularly small firm and solo attorneys, are working with the notion that if they don’t take every client who contacts them or walks into the door, they will never get another client.  Even attorneys in large law firms may feel the need to take THAT client. In psychology and the personal development field, this is known as the “scarcity mentality”.
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Rainmaking expert and trainer, Jaimie Field, is bringing us the latest in her legal branding series today, with the 8 laws of personal branding.


The past three Rainmaking Recommendations have been about building your personal legal brand and its importance.  Before discussing the many tactics and the ethical considerations in using those tactics to build your brand, I wanted to touch on one other idea that I love: The 8 Laws of Personal Branding.

I didn’t come up with these 8 Laws; Peter Montoya, a personal branding guru whose book: The Brand Called You, has been a best seller since 2005 was the one who developed these “laws”.  However, as lawyers, we love laws so I thought you would find this as helpful as I have in developing and building that brand.
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