rainmaking recommendations

Today, I’m bringing you a rainmaking recommendation from expert Jaimie Field


This morning, my father’s wife sent a picture of my father, Robert S. Field, Esq., going to court. My father has been practicing law for 50+ years. He is respected and well liked in the legal community, which was brought to my attention when I took him as my date to a recent county bar association event.

I also grew up with a grandfather who practiced for 62 years – he was a member of “The Greatest Generation” and it got me thinking about the difference between his generation, my dad’s generation and today’s generation of practicing attorneys and how to get clients.

The law is no longer just a profession – it’s also a business. As much as we would like to believe the former, unfortunately it isn’t true. According to the ABA, when my grandfather began practicing law, there were about 131,000 licensed attorneys. When my father began, there were about 300,000. Compare that with today’s number = 1.268 million attorneys.

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