Continuing with the theme of International Networking Week is a post from rainmaking trainer and expert, Jaimie Field, who’s bringing you ten best networking practices for networking events.


Apparently, according to my friend and colleague, Lindsay Griffiths, the Executive Director of the International Lawyers Network, it’s International Networking Week. I had no idea that there even was such a thing until last year.  It is to celebrate how networking helps business professionals grow their businesses. 
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In today’s Rainmaking Recommendation, coach and trainer, Jaimie Field talks about the importance of touchpoint, and why they matter even in legal.


It has been a basic principle of marketing from time immemorial that it takes seven “touches” before someone will respond to your call to action.   It was a concept began by Dr. Jeffrey Lant who is considered one of the godfathers of marketing.
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While I’m out of the office today attending the Economist’s Annual General Counsel Conference in London, I’m bringing you another Rainmaking Recommendation from trainer and expert, Jaimie Field! I’m a big fan of Jaimie’s recommendations in this post, and use them myself – in fact, as a holdover from my days in high school (yes, that long ago), I still use a paper agenda to schedule my daily tasks, even breaking up long term projects so that I work on them a little bit every day to make progress. For me, it works really well to have a tangible list that I can cross things off of. I also create a monthly plan, which is tied into my overall operational plan for the ILN, which I review weekly to ensure that I’m maintaining continuity on my goals, and my organization’s goals.


There is a “law”, really an old adage, you may have heard of called Parkinson’s Law.  This proverb says “work expands so as to fill the time allotted for its completion.”

What this means is that you will get the work done only as fast as needed to beat the deadline. In the case of procrastinators, if you only have a day till the deadline, then you will get the work done on that day – it may not be spectacular work, but it’s done. 
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In today’s guest post, rainmaking coach and trainer, Jaimie Field, is teaching us how to handle negative reviews – these can and do happen, and how we deal with them can be an opportunity as well as a challenge.


For the past few Rainmaking Recommendations, we have been discussing recommendations, reviews, and testimonials.   In one we discussed the differences between these; in the second we discussed how to get more. And, in this one, we will be discussing what to do if you receive a negative review. 
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Today’s post from rainmaking expert and trainer, Jaimie Field, comes at a fortuitous moment – I’m in the middle of reading “The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal,” by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, which delves into the balancing of energy in four key areas in order to maximize your performance. We tend to believe that pushing forward all the time is the key to success, but there is great evidence to suggest that taking breaks (not just extended vacation breaks, but short breaks during the workday) are key to doing your job more effectively and efficiently. It sounds like a cop out, but I’ve been working to implement some of their suggestions in my life this week in places where I see the most issues, and I can already feel a difference in sustainability and focus. I highly recommend picking up the book!


While my last Rainmaking Recommendation told you that you should not allow the summer months to make you lazy in your business development activities, since tomorrow is the 4th of July in the United States, a National holiday, this Rainmaking Recommendation is devoted to telling you that you NEED to take time for yourself.  Take a vacation, even if it is only a few days, to rest and recharge. 
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In today’s rainmaking recommendation from expert and coach, Jaimie Field, learn the difference between social media marketing and social media networking, and why you need both in your arsenal.


One of the things that I haven’t discussed in a deeper manner is how to use various social media networking sites for Rainmaking Purposes.

I have touched on the fact that if you use social media you need to take the relationship from online to off in order to allow you to create the relationships that will lead to more referrals, prospective clients and deeper relationships with other. 
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Today, I’m bringing you a guest post from Rainmaking expert and coach, Jaimie Field, who has some sage words of wisdom for us as we get back into the swing of things in this new year:


For many people with whom I have spoken, this was a difficult year.  I know it was for me.  But rather than dwell on the past, I am moving forward with a lot of optimism and excitement as to what the New Year will bring.

Since this is the last Rainmaking Recommendation from 2017, I wanted to leave you with some thoughts from the minds of brilliant people that will help motivate you for next year. 
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As we approach the end of the year, and you begin to think about what you’ll be doing next year to drive new business for your practice and your law firm, Jaimie Field of Marketing Field asks a tough question and issues a challenge.


Rainmaking is as much a mind-set as it is a skill set.

You can learn the skills necessary to market your services and position yourself as an authority to your ideal clients. You can be taught how to network, how to use social media, how to blog or create videos, how to give excellent presentations.  Just like you were taught how to write a brief, argue a motion, research the case. 
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This morning, I’m bringing you another guest post – this one from longtime contributor to Zen, Jaimie Field. She’s taken a little hiatus from writing, and is jumping back into blogging and her work to fill you in and offer you some tips on an important topic in our industry, how to avoid burnout.


(This is not a post I ever thought I would write, and it’s longer than most Rainmaking Recommendations, but I thought you deserved an explanation.)

If you are wondering where I have been for the past 7 months since the last Rainmaking Recommendation you received, I’ll tell you.

I have been dealing with an extensive case of being utter and total “burned out”.   I had nothing left to give and the only thing I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and sleep.

After 15 years of being a solopreneur, of doing everything by myself, I contemplated just getting a job – having someone give me a paycheck, health insurance benefits and all of the other “perks” that come from working for someone else.
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