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PhotoOne of the greatest criticisms you hear for legal content is that it’s lacking in personality. Lawyers have the talent and the intelligence to communicate their valuable legal expertise, but often, their passion for the subject doesn’t translate well for someone who’d prefer that they “give it to them straight” instead of filling an article, post, or video with legalese.

But what does that mean – “add personality” to your content? And how do you do it?

The Content Marketing Institute’s Sarah Rickerd authored a great post this week with 10 Tips to Pack More Personality into Your Content, and two of them really stuck out for me. Before we touch on them, I know your first question is going to be “why bother?” The reason is simple, and Sarah addresses it early on – it’s about engagement.

We’ve talked before about how short our attention spans are today – ideally, the right audience would see your post, realize how important your message is for them, and hang on every word. But the reality is that we’re all busy people, and unless we’re engaged in what we’re reading, we’re going to move on to the next thing in seconds. Your audience may save your content for another day, when they have “more time,” or with the greatest of intentions of reading or viewing it, or they may never pay attention to it at all.
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