In this week’s Rainmaking Recommendation, trainer and coach, Jaimie Field, is talking about how to use the rainmaking cycle to become a rainmaker. Read on to find out how that can apply to you!


In many different blogs and Rainmaking Recommendations, I have said – repeatedly, that Rainmaking is about 3 things: Continue Reading Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Using the Rainmaking Cycle to Become a Rainmaker (Part 1 – Marketing)

Join us for our latest episode of the Law Firm ILN-telligence podcast!

Andreas Kaeser is a partner with one of the International Lawyers Network’s founding firms, wehinger kaelin ferrari ag, in Zurich, Switzerland. In this episode, Lindsay and Andreas talk about what it’s like to be one of the only firms that never worked remotely during the pandemic, and why in the age of zoom meetings and efficient technology, travel and in-person connection remains essential. Tune in below!

In this week’s post from rainmaking coach and trainer, Jaimie Field, she’s addressing one of my biggest pet peeves, the idea of the “overnight success” or “I went to this one networking event and I didn’t get any business!” If you’ve ever found yourself trying a business development or networking tactic and finding that it doesn’t work (or a bunch of them) and not understanding why, this post may be for you.


In the almost 20 years I have been a Rainmaking Trainer and Coach, I have worked personally, one-on-one, with hundreds of attorneys.  And there have only been a few with whom I have not been as successful a coach as I would have liked to have been. Continue Reading Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: The Myth of the Overnight Success

Join us for our latest episode of the Law Firm ILN-telligence podcast!

Donal Creaton is a partner in the litigation department of Holmes O’Malley Sexton, a full-service Irish law firm with three offices across the country and a member of the International Lawyers Network. In this episode, we dive into the importance of embracing technology and becoming paperless  to allow for full flexibility in serving clients, as well as the resilience of lawyers. Tune in below!

Two years ago, we were talking about the skills that young lawyers are seeking to hone as they in order to become successful, experienced lawyers, and it’s starting to become hard to believe that one of those was in-person presentation skills. While I absolutely believe that we’re going to get back to being face-to-face at some point in the future, in the meantime, it’s necessary for all of us to consider how we can improve our virtual presentation skills. We may think that if we’re skilled presenters already, that we’re ready for our zoom debuts, but it can be a different skillset – so let’s look at four ways to translate your in-person skills to an online world, and some bonus tips for presenting in a virtual environment. Continue Reading Four Ways to Improve your Online Presentation Skills for a Virtual World

In this week’s rainmaking recommendation from trainer and coach, Jaimie Field, she talks about procrastination, which might resonate with you. Read on to find out how she combats it!


My name is Jaimie Field and I am a chronic procrastinator.

I thought that would feel better getting that out in writing, but honestly, it doesn’t because I am not sure when this procrastination habit began.  And make no mistake, procrastination is both a habit, and according to Mel Robbins, the author of the 5 Second Rule, “a form of stress relief.” Continue Reading Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Confessions of a Chronic Procrastinator

Sven Burchartz is a partner with Kalus Kenny Intelex, a progressive, commercially oriented firm, specializing in property, corporate and commercial, and dispute resolution in Australia and a member of the International Lawyers Network. In this episode, we discuss the steps his firm has taken to ensure the mental health of its members, the importance of regular communication, and what benefits have come out of working in a pandemic. Tune in below!

One of my favorite topics to discuss is the idea of collaboration. It’s been much more popular over the last few years, but as we get deeper into the pandemic, the isolation is driving up the risk of returning those of us in the legal industry to silos (if some of us ever really left). I know that there’s been a lot of upheaval this year, and reverting to the way things “were” may sound attractive, in the same way that the phrase “but this is the way we’ve always done it!” can be. But I promise you that more than ever, insisting on moving forward with collaboration in the legal industry, both across silos and across functions within the profession, is essential for us to be successful.

Before we get into the “how” of collaboration in 2020, if you’d like to understand “why” you should bother to collaborate, head over to “The Case for Collaboration in Law Firm Networks: the Value Proposition for Your Clients.Continue Reading Collaboration in 2020: What Does that Look Like?

Do you find that numbers have a lot of meaning for you? How about the number 100? See what 100 means to rainmaking trainer and coach, Jaimie Field, in this week’s rainmaking recommendation post and how it may impact you!


The number 100 has been coming up for me a lot today.

Today, Time Magazine released its Time100 Most Influential People 2020 and I am not sure why I am not on it. (That’s a joke – for now, but I’m working on it.) Continue Reading Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: One Hundred (100)

Michael Roch is a Zurich-based software entrepreneur and advisor to Managing Partners and CEOs, who has been consulting for over 20 years to law and professional services firms in the US, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. He is the founder and managing partner of a global consulting boutique for the last ten years, and is the Partner and Chief Commercial Officer in allianceboard, an alliance management technology. His early career was as a CPA and attorney, and he’s currently finishing a DBA on alliance management. In this episode, we cover a range of topics from whether law firms should be concentrating on existing clients or new business development, opportunities for law firm leadership, and how firms deal with the sticky issues around payment and pricing. Tune in below to listen!