twofortueThis afternoon, I read an article on content marketing that really got me thinking. The most important part was this:

[I]f the primary goal of your content is better SEO, then you’re an SEO practitioner, not a content marketer. If the primary goal of your content is to have something to put in your email newsletter, then you’re an email marketer, not a content marketer. And if the primary goal of your content is to attract more social media traffic, then you’re a social media marketer, not a content marketer.”

Of course, content marketers should still care about SEO, email, and social. But if you’re a content marketer, your content goals come first and everything else follows. The clue is in the name.”

I know all of these terms may give you hives, because what you’re really thinking is, “but I’m a LAWYER.” While that’s true, in addition to being a lawyer, you’re also in the business of selling legal services – that’s just how it is. So that’s where all of these other things that may give you hives to think about come into play.
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