This morning, I’m bringing you another great recommendation from rainmaking expert, Jaimie Field, Esq!


There truly is a difference between “doing your job” and “going the extra mile”. It is this difference that will skyrocket your rainmaking efforts as people begin to talk about the fact that you are no ordinary attorney.


Time for another great recommendation from rainmaking expert & coach, Jaimie Field!


Rainmaking does not have to cost a lot of money.

Many attorneys are spending tens of thousands of dollars on websites, SEO tactics, listing services which promise 30 clients in 30 days, buying books on Rainmaking that they don’t actually implement (or worse

What better way to kick off the new year here at Zen than a rainmaking recommendation from expert Jaimie Field? 


Shhhh… don’t tell anyone – particularly the other Rainmaking Trainers and Legal Marketing “experts” out there.

There is no one way to become a rainmaker.

If you have been trying to fit yourself into

Today’s recommendation from Jaimie Field comes at the perfect time, just as we’re all assessing our year and putting together our goals and plans for 2013. 


In Rainmaking Recommendation #67 – Conduct your own Attorney Review you were asked to look back at where you have been.

In Rainmaking Recommendation #69 – Dream Big

It’s been a festival of webinars over here lately, so I’ve got one more recap for you this year! Yesterday, we hosted Jaimie Field, esq. of Marketing Field, who presented on the in-house marketers’ guide to motivating your attorneys to rainmaking success. 

Jaimie kicked off by saying that the short version of her presentation is that you can’t motivate them. It’s not possible to motivate someone else – they have to motivate themselves. But what the in-house marketers or marketing partners CAN do is to provide the attorneys at their firm with the tools they need to help them to motivate themselves to rainmaking success. 

While Jaimie didn’t address specific tactics, she did identify what attorneys need from their in-house marketers in terms of their marketing genius and motivating prowess. 

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