For the last few years, I’ve reviewed the hot topic of Superbowl commercials – as a marketing gal, I LOVE the commercials more than the game (especially when I don’t have a horse in the race, as they say). The Superbowl is when some of advertising’s most creative minds come together and create some sheer brilliance…or sheer disasters.

But what I’ve been noticing lately, is that there have been a number of new, big, flashy ads lately, during some other highly-viewed television events. Some of them are a preview for what will be revealed during the big game, while I think others are taking advantage of a large audience, with cheaper ad rates. 

Whatever, the reason, I’m one happy camper. And last night, while watching the Grammys, I saw a new favorite ad. To kick off next week’s discussion of what I see as the good, the bad and the ugly in Superbowl advertising, I thought we’d take a look at Pepsi’s "Halftime Show" ad last night, and what law firms can learn. Continue Reading Let the Commercials Begin! What Law Firms Can Learn from Product Advertising