LinkedIn's Publishing Platform

Last week during our annual conference, one of our delegates wanted to sit down with me and talk about content. He mentioned that his firm’s website didn’t have the capability for publishing articles, and there were no current plans to change that, but indicated that he had things he wanted to say about his area of practice. 

While some of you may think a blog is the answer, he had some other caveats – he wanted something that he could update and publish to as frequently or infrequently (due to his busy schedule) as he liked, and something that wouldn’t require too big of a learning curve.

"Ah ha!" I thought – LinkedIn’s new publishing platform is exactly what he needs.

I know I said last week that I wasn’t sold on it yet, but I’m coming around – it’s exactly right for this type of attorney: someone who doesn’t have the ability to publish articles on their website, is looking to get more information out there, but without as big of a commitment as a blog would be. 

On a side note, bloggers, I can hear you arguing with me already – I LOVE blogs, and I think they’re a great tool for many people. But I see LinkedIn’s publishing platform as providing a compromise between blogging and not blogging, and offering a comfortable place for lawyers such as the one I’m referring to to get their feet wet. Plus, I like that for an infrequent writer, having a full and complete LinkedIn profile keeps the page from looking abandoned, which can be very obvious on a blog, with the date of the last post always so visible. Continue Reading LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform – Could I Be Convinced?