In this week’s rainmaking recommendation from expert and trainer, Jaimie Field, she talks about “failure to implement” syndrome – read on to find out what that means, and how to solve it. I’ll add my two cents as well – when you’re struggling because you have all the information you need to make changes, but you’re just.not.making.them, what you need to do is find your “why.” That is the thing that’s going to get you moving when you don’t feel like making change. It has to be a big enough why that even when you’re tired or frustrated or burned out, you’ll still take action, so it may take some soul searching. But it will be worth it. Read on to see what Jaimie suggests!
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In today’s rainmaking recommendation, trainer and coach Jaimie Field gives lawyers ten things that may be holding you back from rainmaking success. Do any of these sound familiar to you?


For years, you’ve promised yourself that you were going to take control of your legal career.  You know that in order to do so, you need to have a book of business. 
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In today’s rainmaking recommendation post, coach and trainer, Jaimie Field is talking about a huge pet peeve of mine – a lack of follow up, and the impact it can have on your business development efforts.


Way back in April 2014, I came across some sales statistics which floored me.  In Rainmaking Recommendation #95, I wrote about Following Up for Success.  There was a meme that was floating around that looked like this:

Except, I recently found out that these statistics are false!  While I do not mind admitting when I am wrong for posting this meme (I should have done a bit more research), and apparently I am not the only one who has because that meme has been floating around for a number of years, I do think that the main idea behind it is an important concept. 
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What happens when you lose touch with someone who may be a good connection for you? In today’s rainmaking recommendation post from coach, Jaimie Field, she explains how you can reconnect!


In a perfect world, you would never lose touch with anyone you have met.  You would never lose touch with your clients; you would never lose touch with a referral source; you would never lose touch with any prospects.

But this is not a perfect world and life creeps in to steal time from you every single day.  You look up and a week has passed, a month.  Another year has flown.   In fact, I cannot believe that it is already fall and that there are less than 4 months left to 2019. 
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In today’s guest post, rainmaking coach and trainer, Jaimie Field, is teaching us how to handle negative reviews – these can and do happen, and how we deal with them can be an opportunity as well as a challenge.


For the past few Rainmaking Recommendations, we have been discussing recommendations, reviews, and testimonials.   In one we discussed the differences between these; in the second we discussed how to get more. And, in this one, we will be discussing what to do if you receive a negative review. 
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Following up on part one, in this post, rainmaking trainer and coach, Jaimie Field, discusses how to get more reviews (and since ethics is her thing, you know she’s advocating doing these in an ethical way!). Read on!


(In part one of this series, the differences between recommendations, reviews, and testimonials were detailed. In part two we will discuss how to get more reviews, And part three will be how to deal with negative reviews.)

Recently, I have been offering a complimentary rainmaking training session to attorneys (please feel free to take me up on this offer if you are interested).  Prior to our conversations, I do a quick search of the attorney so I am aware of their practice areas and what their online footprint looks like.  And I have found that many of the attorneys with whom I have been speaking have lackluster amounts of information, particularly reviews, available to research. 
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In today’s guest post from Jaimie Field, she’s talking about the difference between reviews and testimonials, as part of a three part series that you’ll definitely want to tune in for.


Testimonials, reviews, recommendations – these have always been important to growing your book of business, but it is now even more so.  In this three-part Rainmaking Recommendation series, I will detail the differences between a testimonial, a review, and recommendations (part 1).  In part 2, I will discuss how to obtain these important evaluations of your services on a regular basis. And in part 3, I will write about how to deal with bad reviews. 
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Are you stuck thinking that business development is too big of a hurdle? Read today’s guest post from rainmaking expert and trainer, Jaimie Field, to find out why it’s not rocket science.


On Saturday, July 20, 2019, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon.  Think about this for a moment.  50 years ago, technology was rudimentary comparatively speaking to today’s tech (and even tomorrow’s tech).  Yet, they were able to land a man on the moon. 
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In today’s Rainmaking Recommendations post, expert and coach, Jaimie Field is discussing a pet peeve of mine, slacking on your business development in the summer. Read on to find out why you may want to double down instead.


Want to be a Rainmaker? Then it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

Many people, lawyers included, tend to go on Rainmaking hiatus when summer rolls around. For some, the kids are out of school, vacations are being taken, and there are half-days on Fridays.  But now is not the time to slack off. 
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In today’s guest post, rainmaking expert and coach, Jaimie Field, talks about using Google alerts to learn more about your clients and prospects.


The last Rainmaking Recommendation discussed the benefits of using social media monitoring to grow your book of business.  In this recommendation, I will be showing you how to find and learn more about your current and prospective clients.

There are people out there who are having conversations every single day on the internet.  In some instances, they are asking questions about issues with which you, as a lawyer, can help them.  In other instances, they are discussing your competition.  And in still other cases they are discussing themselves or their businesses.  
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