Last week, one of our firm’s marketing directors emailed me to see if I had a list of law firm social media policies. Though I’ve seen a few floating around, and know that Doug Cornelius includes law firm policies in his list, I haven’t seen a strictly law firm-based listing.  

Yesterday, in a post called "Social Media Policies for Legal Types," Above the Law mentioned Fast Company’s series of policies, including the guidelines from Harvard Law.  Obviously, a law school’s social media guidelines would be different to that of a law firm, so they offer Adrian Dayton‘s (who advises firms on social media strategy) suggestions for law firms, which can be summed up by his opening thought "Don’t say stupid things." I know Kevin O’Keefe would shorten that further and say "Don’t be an idiot." 

But if your firm is looking for something more comprehensive, I’ll pass along the links I gathered for our legal marketer, with thanks to my friends on Twitter who passed some of these along.

Please feel free to add your own firm’s in the comments as well, and check back to Above the Law’s post, where they’ve invited commenters to do the same.Continue Reading Social Media Policies – Where do we Start?