After lunch, I headed to "Using Client Feedback to Create Truly Meaningful Client Experiences and Deliver Greater Value" – a session that proved to have some fabulous tips. The panel was moderated by Julie Meyers of Burns White and featured Ronna Cross, from Patton Boggs, James Perkins of Procopio, Cory Hargreaves & Savitch, Jennifer Skiver, Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis, and Tara Weintritt of Miles and Stockbridge.

Best Practices

The panel began by sharing their best practices for starting a client feedback program:

  • Get a promise from the firm leadership that they understand that the feedback is critical and they’re willing to take action.
  • Know your firm’s culture going into this – what’s the best approach? 
  • Get everyone involved and figure out what success looks like.

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On Saturday, we had another session that was of interest to the delegates – a presentation on Effective Benefit Programs. The presenter was Stanley Jeremiah, the Vice President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific HR Management at Convergys.  Stanley is also a chartered insurer with UK professional qualification, a fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and a council member of the Singapore Insurance Institute.  His talk focused on one small area of firm management, benefits, and he gave a general overview since benefits are country-specific.  

One of the characteristics of a benefits program is that it’s a more subtle form of compensation than remuneration, because it’s not often communicated to employees in terms of cost.  As a result, it’s less comparable to benefits packages at other firms and isn’t well-leveraged as a differentiating factor when recruiting talent.  Because benefits aren’t given this importance, employees often don’t know what benefits they have and as a result, are not as appreciative as they could be, because they don’t understand the value.  Stanley said that if firms can use benefits packages effectively, they could become something that has a higher perceived value than the actual cost.  Continue Reading Effective Benefits Programs – an ILN Conference Re-cap