This week’s Ask Friday! answers the question of what blogs I read.  I’ll break this down into three categories – ILN member blogs, the blogs I read for professional reasons and growth, and the blogs I read for fun – feel free to add your favorites to the list in the comments!

Professional Blogs:

  • Above the Law – often funny, always irreverent, they’re often at the forefront of legal news.
  • Bad for the Brand – after I got back from LMA 2011, I started religiously reading Jonathan Fitzgarrald’s Bad for the Brand. Every time I see a new post, I drop whatever I’m doing just to read it – they’re that good.
  • Bill’s Blog – written by Bill Pollak of ALM, it’s a helpful look at the legal publishing industry from an in-house perspective.
  • Case in Point – a cartoon series that "illustrates the lighter side of eDiscovery."  Those of you who know me well know I’m a sucker for legal cartoons!
  • Corcoran’s Business of Law Blog – I read this not just because I know Tim, but because he’s always got thoughtful, thorough insights that push me to be a better legal marketer and not just go with the status quo.
  • Escaping Mediocrity – if you’ve ever wanted more than where you are right now, Sarah’s blog is the one to check out – she’ll push you and get you thinking.
  • Patrick Lamb’s In Search of Perfect Client Service – who can’t use tips on better client service? 
  • In-house ACCess – I admit to mostly scanning these in-depth posts, but the insights from in-house counsel who are part of the ACC can’t be beat.
  • Blog – always touching on topics of interest to me as a legal marketer.
  • The Matte Pad – after making a splash at LMA 2011, I wanted to see what else Tom Matte had to offer. His posts are thought provoking and always useful. 
  • Myrland Marketing – you already know I’m a huge fan of Nancy Myrland, and her blog is a great reason why – Nancy always has actionable tips not only for strategic social media, but also for legal marketing and business development.
  • Outspoken Media – not a legal blog, this was recommended to me during the Social Fresh conference I went to last year in Portland – it’s a fabulous blog on internet marketing that gives me great food for thought in all areas of my work.
  • Real Lawyers Have Blogs – I’m always interested to hear what Kevin O’Keefe is thinking about and seeing in the legal sphere, and he doesn’t hold back.  Plus, the blog showcases their tops blogs of the day, which helps me see what else is out there.
  •  Social Media for Law Firms – Sam Collier gives the Canadian perspective on social media for law firms, and often gives step by step tips and tutorials for how to make the most out of your social media efforts.
  • The Legal Watercooler – Heather Morse’s Legal Watercooler was the first legal blog I started following, and it’s never disappointed.  Heather ties in whatever she’s thinking about or going through with how we can make ourselves better legal marketers in a way that inspires me.
  • The PR Lawyer – great posts from Furia Rubel on public relations and strategic marketing in the legal world.
  • The Virtual Marketing Officer – Jayne covers a variety of topics focusing on marketing and business development strategies for law firms – definitely a must read!

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