I may be on vacation this week, but it doesn’t mean that you’re without content here at Zen! We’re back with another Two for Tuesdays, and our second installment of "thought leaders to follow!"

Thought Leader One: Eric Fletcher

Eric’s blog bio tells us: 

With more than twenty-five years of experience, spanning broadcasting, advertising, marketing and professional services business development, Eric Fletcher is a seasoned connector — of ideas, people and strategic growth-oriented solutions. For the past dozen years he has managed and directed teams focused on targeted business development and client service in the legal industry."

I first met Eric virtually when he was brought on as the CMO of a former member firm of the ILN. But I really got to know him better when he started blogging over at Marketing Brain Fodder. Eric always writes brilliant, well-thought out and timely posts, which get me thinking and challenge me to be a better marketer and communicator. 

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We’re switching it up here again on our Two for Tuesdays, and instead of bringing you tips today, I’m bringing you two thought leaders in the legal industry to pay attention to! 

Thought Leader One: Tim Corcoran, Corcoran Consulting Group

If you don’t already know Tim, you should. From his bio, we learn that he: 

advises law firm leaders and in-house counsel on business process improvement, legal project management, alternative fees and business development. He also advises legal technology vendors and service providers on market strategy and sales force readiness. The essence of his consulting practice is to help law firms, in-house counsel and legal vendors profit in a changing marketplace."

Tim regularly speaks, writes, counsels and advises on some thought-provoking topics that surround some of the most cutting-edge ideas in our industry – ideas that make many uncomfortable, but are necessary conversations to have in today’s marketplace. 

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