In our first "episode" of Wondering Wednesdays, we answer the question "How can you make the most of your memberships?" with three key points.  


To make the most of your membership in an organization, I have the following three suggestions: 

  • Attend events: in-person relationships are the most important part of making any membership worthwhile, so attend as many of the events as you are able to, so that you can meet both members and organization leaders. 
  • Use social media: Find out how to stay in touch with the organization using social media. Do they have a LinkedIn group? A Facebook page? A Twitter feed? Not only does this give you the chance to connect on a regular basis with the organization and fellow members, but it allows you to stay up-to-date on all news and activities, so you can identify how best to leverage these.
  • Meet members when traveling: If you’re part of a national or international group, use your personal and professional travels to meet with other members. If makes you top of mind for referrals, because you’re reinforcing those personal relationships face-to-face. You may only see each other once a year otherwise, and usually in a big group setting, so these one-on-one meetings can be hugely beneficial.

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