We’re so pleased to welcome a new member firm into our Network, Ahlawat & Associates, an Indian firm with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and abroad.

Ahlawat & Associates aims at providing high quality, practical and strategic legal solutions to help clients achieve their goals by combining the highest global standards with local expertise. All their partners have specialized knowledge of both the legal framework as well as the specific business requirements of various industry sectors. They have a well-established track record in personally guiding companies and individuals based on their specific needs for doing business in India. A&A has been able to achieve this by adopting the highest standards of professionalism implemented by the top international law firms, which has been the primary reason for putting their clients at ease and ensuring smooth entry and operations for their clients’ business. The partners are confident in their ability to provide accurate and sustainable cross borders advise. The firm takes pride in identifying the clients’ requirements and working along with clients to help them achieve their goals.Alan Griffiths, our Executive Director, said “We’re pleased to welcome such a well-respected firm, whose services extend across diverse sectors of industry. We know Ahlawat & Associates will add additional value to our Network and we look forward to working with the firm’s lawyers.”

The firm’s focus on client solutions fits in well with the ILN’s culture, and we know they will be a welcome addition to our association.

For more information about Ahlawat & Associates, visit the firm’s website at https://www.ahlawatassociates.com/ or their ILN profile at http://iln.com/Firm_Detail_600.htm.