We’re excited to announce our newest member firm in Ecuador, Izurieta Mora Bowen!

Throughout its almost 80 year-history, Izurieta Mora Bowen Law Firm has become one of the most recognized names, both nationally and internationally. Their commitment to professionalism, along with high ethics and morals, have made them a successful firm since they began operations in 1941. Their mission is to offer their clients and their businesses the peace of mind and security that comes with preventative advisory services, as well as comprehensive legal representation for unforeseen events. They provide appropriate and innovative services to complex challenges and have a focus on generating trust with their clients.

We are very pleased to bring on such a strong and well-respected firm in Ecuador’s capital city. We know they will provide our members, and the clients they assist, with outstanding service that is focused on the values of honesty and excellence. Izurieta Mora Bowen stands out for many reasons, most notably their strong relationship with our current member firm in Ecuador. We know that our members will be equally well-served by this partnership and a firm that has such a strong sense of dedication to its work.

For more information about Izurieta Mora Bowen, visit the firm’s website or their ILN profile. Also, the ILN has an international directory available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. To access it, log on to ILNmobile.com from your smartphone.