GravitationalPullAren’t you a lucky group this week, dear readers? I am bringing you TWO guests posts from Eric Dewey of Group Dewey Consulting while I am off for our Regional Meeting of the Americas!

First up, a post about how the very best rainmakers attract clients.


Top rainmakers seem to attract clients as if they have an irresistible gravitational pull. They don’t ‘sell’. Instead, clients seek them out. While others are prospecting and selling their hearts out, great rainmakers have more work than they can handle, feed lots of other attorneys and often turn down work that they don’t want to do.

How do they do it?

Research shows that the very best rainmakers share six powerful non-selling disciplines that, when used in combination and on a regular basis, creates gravitational pull.

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If you’re a regular reader of Zen, you’ll know that I love to look outside of the legal industry to find ideas for how we can market and develop business differently. With that in mind, I’d like to share a story with you – bear with me, and I’ll explain the legal connection.

If you read my Twitter profile, you’ll see that one of the ways I describe myself is as "crazy about my bassets." I have two basset hounds (Barney and Oliver), and like any good pet parent, I love to take photos of them. I share a lot of these shots on social media, and have been tagging them with various hashtags (such as #bassetboys, #bassets, #bassethounds, and #dogsofinstagram). 

I don’t have children yet, so I dress my dogs up for Halloween – basset hounds are very particular looking dogs, and seeing their faces when they have on hats, sweaters, costumes, etc. always gives me a good laugh. 

So on Friday, I shared a couple of photos of my dogs, in their costumes (including the one above), which led to a conversation with Purina. It played out as follows: 

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It’s been a festival of webinars over here lately, so I’ve got one more recap for you this year! Yesterday, we hosted Jaimie Field, esq. of Marketing Field, who presented on the in-house marketers’ guide to motivating your attorneys to rainmaking success. 

Jaimie kicked off by saying that the short version of her presentation is that you can’t motivate them. It’s not possible to motivate someone else – they have to motivate themselves. But what the in-house marketers or marketing partners CAN do is to provide the attorneys at their firm with the tools they need to help them to motivate themselves to rainmaking success. 

While Jaimie didn’t address specific tactics, she did identify what attorneys need from their in-house marketers in terms of their marketing genius and motivating prowess. Continue Reading ILN Marketing Webinar: In-House Marketers’ Guide to Motivating Attorneys to Rainmaking Success