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LinkedIn Tutorials – Is there an App for That? Part II

Following yesterday’s interlude about settings, we’re back to Part II of LinkedIn’s applications! I’ll focus on a few important ones, and briefly talk about the ones that might not be as meaningful for you.  We’ll start with Company Buzz. Company Buzz We’re going to be talking more about Twitter in a later series of posts, … Continue Reading

LinkedIn Tutorials – Some Important Settings

Although today’s post should be our Part II about applications, I’m going to take a bit of a break to talk instead about some settings.  I know we’re all concerned about (and should be) the settings that we have in these various social platforms, and one came to the forefront today – which I’ll get … Continue Reading

LinkedIn Tutorials – You’re Connected…Now What?

So you’ve got your profile almost complete and you’ve started to connect with people in your network…now what?  There’s so much more you can do with LinkedIn, but we’re going to start with what I think is the most important – engaging.  There are a few ways you can do this, including answering questions and … Continue Reading

LinkedIn Tutorials – Let’s Get Connected! Part II

Yesterday’s tutorial covered how to export your contacts from Outlook and upload them into LinkedIn.  But this is limiting – although it cuts down on the investment of time you need to make in order to connect with people, it doesn’t give you the flexibility of personalizing the invitations to make engaging more likely – … Continue Reading

LinkedIn Tutorials – Let’s Get Connected! Part I

Now that you’ve created a complete profile, it’s time to start connecting and engaging with people you might know on LinkedIn.  Let’s start with the basics – connecting with people in your Outlook contacts.   Start by logging in to your home page.  Since you’re a new member and still building your LinkedIn base, you … Continue Reading

LinkedIn Tutorials – How to Set up a Profile Part II

Yesterday, we went through the basics of setting up an account and profile on LinkedIn.  Today, we’re going to look much more in-depth at the LinkedIn profile and get ourselves to 100% profile completeness (or just about)! You may be wondering why you need to bother with completing your profile – isn’t the bare minimum … Continue Reading

LinkedIn – Making the Most out of Groups

I’ve spent the last two days talking about how to make improvements to your LinkedIn profile, and getting the most out of your LinkedIn home page.  Today, I want to cover LinkedIn Groups. On LinkedIn, there are groups for everything, from business networking to animal lovers.  Groups are an excellent way to connect with people … Continue Reading

LinkedIn Best Practices

I’m just back from our 2011 23rd Annual Meeting in Lisbon, and I’ll have lots to share with you over the next week or so.  But what’s fresh in my mind this morning is our session on LinkedIn from Saturday morning – I’d like to share some best practices for LinkedIn, which can be particularly … Continue Reading

Webinar Re-cap: LinkedIn for Lawyers with Nathan Egan Part I

The ILN has offered a webinar series to our members for the past two years, and in 2010, we’re offering a three-part series on social networking.  In October, we started with, "Social Networking Strategy & Blogging," with Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog.  December’s webinar with Freesource’s Nathan Egan focused on "LinkedIn for Lawyers."   There’s a lot … Continue Reading

LinkedIn – It’s Not a Directory

Last week, a marketing manager posted a question to the Legal Marketing Association’s internal listserv – she wanted to know if there was a way to upload her attorneys’ bios to LinkedIn without them having to do it themselves.  I was both surprised and disappointed to see someone in legal marketing ask this, because she’s … Continue Reading