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More Metrics: Beyond Navel Gazing

Last week, we talked about the importance of looking at your own metrics to tell you what content people are consuming, in order to further optimize what you’re producing. But there’s more to metrics than your own content. While it’s immensely important to measure what you’re doing to ensure that it’s effective against the goals … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays: Content Marketing Metrics

Today’s Two for Tuesdays is really going to put you to work – it’s about measuring your content marketing.  While it is true that there’s a lot of subjectivity when it comes to content marketing, and that it’s not often easy to measure or track where business comes from ("I just *feel* like things are … Continue Reading

What Really Matters to Purchasers of Legal Service? An Interview with General Counsel, Casey Flaherty

On Monday, Viewabill will be presenting a two-hour webinar session on the topic of improving the attorney-client relationship through innovation. I first became familiar with Viewabill during the P3 conference, when panelists during one of the sessions were discussing its value.  Thanks to my coverage of P3, I was able to get a heads up … Continue Reading