Yesterday, one of my favorite Twitter people posted that her daughter had said "this is the best day of my life. We went to the park, we’re going to mcdonalds, I found a penny. The best day of my life."

She’s 5, but she’s already been through a lot, dealing with a very scary brain tumor last year.  And she got me thinking – the best days of my life really have been about the little things.  

Sure, graduating from college was exciting, buying my first house was exciting (well, more nerve-wracking and expensive than exciting), but were they the "best" days of my life? 


Those have been about the little things – the first time I heard my two-year old niece say my name. (Superbowl Sunday, if you’re wondering – she said "Okay Wizzy" – close enough).  Every time my dog comes racing over to see me like I’m his favorite person in the world (I am). My sister trusting me enough to be the first person to watch my niece overnight. An email from my best friend saying how much I mean to her. My niece wanting me to carry her in for ice cream, and squeezing me extra tight when my sister said "M loves her Aunt Lindsay."  Those are some of my best days.

What does this have to do with legal marketing? 

It’s all about the little things.  

It’s about remembering it’s your client’s birthday and sending them a quick note of good wishes.  It’s about seeing something in the paper that will affect your client’s business in the future and dropping them an email to let them know.  It’s about calling back promptly, even when you have no news to report, just so you can check in and let them know you’re thinking about their issue.  It’s about offering to help a colleague or client without getting anything out of it. 

These little things all add up to the big stuff – clients who are loyal because they know you’re there for them.  Colleagues who look to help you out, because you’re always helping them out. 

Plus, doing something for someone else will make YOU feel good – everyone wins.

What little things can you do today to make it your best day?