Today, you’re in for a treat, as I’m bringing you a post from ILN marketer, Jennifer Smuts. Jenn is with the ILN’s member firm in Delaware, Connolly Gallagher, where she is their Director of Marketing & Business Development, and today, she’s talking about how the time is always right for client and new business development. She’s got some great actionable tips that you can implement right away!


The new year presents all of us with a renewed sense of ambition.  Outreach to existing clients to indicate where you can be a resource is invaluable.  It is also appropriate to contact the “connections” you made throughout 2017 and remind them how you could help them in 2018.

Work with your marketing and business development professional in order to effectively assist with this timely exercise.

Some ideas on where to get started …


  • Develop a process in order to capture your experience.  This effort can be a basic excel spreadsheet that tracks deals, litigation matters or other cases.  Think of 4-5 keys components of the deal or matter and commit to capturing the intelligence upon opening of the file or when the matter hits a certain financial threshold or whatever benchmark you set. This tracking tool will be helpful as you develop proposals, complete directory submissions or you simply want to update your bio.
  • Update your website bio.  Give it a breath of fresh air by updating representative matters that showcase your recent experience.
  • Be social.  Visit your LinkedIn profile and give it a refresh. Don’t forget to post a message to your LI community.   Whether it’s a comment on trending news or insight on an area of interest –engage!
  • Ask to see your firm’s “marketing collateral”.  Does that brochure afford your contact insight about you or the firm that they can benefit from?  If yes, spell it out for them in a handwritten note and set a date to meet in-person (or a phone call). If no, consider developing a simple customized mailer that you can use to target a segment of your client base.

Jennifer L. Smuts is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at Connolly Gallagher LLP in Wilmington, Delaware.  She is active in The Legal Marketing Association and currently chairs the Chief Marketing Officer SIG for the Philadelphia Steering Committee.  Connect with her on LinkedIn here.