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Two More Ways to MacGyver Your Content Marketing

Recently, we discussed two ways that you could become the MacGyver of content marketing – using great visuals and writing excellent content. I want to continue breaking down Neil Patel’s article this week, to discuss two more ways to “MacGyver” your content – in case you’re still wondering what I mean by that, I’ll reference the … Continue Reading

The Two Biggest Content Marketing Blunders Lawyers Make

Nobody handles content marketing perfectly. It’s not an exact science, and for the most part, it’s an ever-adapting process that we are constantly refining based on our current goals and audience needs. But there are a couple of areas where lawyers and law firms go astray with content marketing, and that’s what we’re going to … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays: How to Make Your Content as Fierce as Beyonce

Here’s a scary thought – earlier today, a blog post caught my eye, talking about the “one content marketing question” we should all be asking ourselves. Remember, when we say “content marketing,” we’re talking about anyone who authors articles, writes a blog, presents at conferences, does informational videos, etc. – basically anyone who produces substantial … Continue Reading

Blogging for Enhancing Conferences & Events

Next week, I have the pleasure of joining my fellow co-leaders for the Social Media Special Interest Group for the Legal Marketing Association in presenting a webinar on using social media to ramp up conferences and events. My part of the session will focus on blogging, so I thought I’d offer you a preview of … Continue Reading

Top Five Reasons to Blog – A Webinar Recap

When I heard that Kevin McKeown (@kevinmckeown) of LexBlog and Marketing Brain Fodder’s Eric Fletcher (@ericfletcher) would be giving a webinar together, I knew I couldn’t miss it. So despite battling a low-grade migraine today, I tuned in, and definitely wasn’t disappointed.  Their presentation focused on the top reasons to blog, and if you want … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays – Blogging Part II

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, our "Two for Tuesdays" focused on tips for blogging. Today’s post focuses on a couple of additional tips for blogging, but can also be applied to other writing you’re doing. These days, it’s becoming more and more difficult to distinguish one from the other, since both … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays – Blogging

We’re here with another Two for Tuesday, and I decided to give you a couple of tips about another of my favorite things – blogging! As I mentioned last week, Two for Tuesdays is designed to give you two tips that you can implement today – as with last week’s post on LinkedIn, this post … Continue Reading

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Towards the end of December, we hosted a webinar with Adrian Lurssen, one which I’d sat in on previously. But this time, Adrian said something that really stuck with me – he said that you can’t just build a blog. You also need to build an audience.  That got me thinking about how many people … Continue Reading

It’s All About the Content

I’m a big believer that every marketing tactic is not for everyone – we all have our strengths. Some people will be excellent public speakers, who enjoy sharing their expertise with large audiences. Others will be happy to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it were) and write blog posts and articles. … Continue Reading

How to Get Your Firm Blogging – A Webinar Re-cap

Today, while everyone is posting about the SCOTUS decision to uphold the PPACA, I thought I’d talk about Adrian Dayton’s webinar to the Legal Marketing Association’s Social Media Special Interest Group.  Adrian’s webinar focused on "how to get your firm blogging," and the invitation to the SIG members described the session as:  Drawing from the … Continue Reading