I could not be more excited to announce that today, the Intellectual Property Specialty group of the International Lawyers Network is launching their first collaborative blog (indeed the ILN’s first collaborative blog period!) – ILN IP Insider

It’s been a labor of love with myself and our dedicated IP lawyers from around the world, to put together this resource for the latest in global intellectual property trends. 

The blog provides a variety of benefits, including: 

  • The latest legal intellectual property content and news from law firms around the world
  • RSS feeds to deliver highly targeted and specific content directly to your desktop
  • The ability to engage with ILN member authors through blog comments, email and LinkedIn

I’m thrilled to be launching ILN IP Insider today, and showcasing the strength and depth of the combined expertise of our IP lawyers.

You’ll want to get a first look at the posts already published to the site: Continue Reading ILN IP Insider Blog to Tackle Latest Global Intellectual Property Trends

When I heard that Kevin McKeown (@kevinmckeown) of LexBlog and Marketing Brain Fodder’s Eric Fletcher (@ericfletcher) would be giving a webinar together, I knew I couldn’t miss it. So despite battling a low-grade migraine today, I tuned in, and definitely wasn’t disappointed. 

Their presentation focused on the top reasons to blog, and if you want to see the tweet stream that came out of the session, take a look at #LexBlogTop5

Not only did their presentation break down five reasons to blog, but it was broken into five sections: 

  • "Old school" networking
  • Networking is the "new normal"
  • Top 5 reasons lawyers should blog
  • Your call to action
  • Questions

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Last week, I had the pleasure of attending LexBlog’s webinar "Daily Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers" with Kevin O’Keefe (@kevinokeefe). Kevin kicked off the session by saying that there is no perfect way to blog, but that over the past ten years, he’d develop some habits that work for him. 

The session covered: 

  • Essence of blogging
  • Listening tools
  • Posting
  • Complementary Social Media
  • Habits of LexBloggers

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Towards the end of December, we hosted a webinar with Adrian Lurssen, one which I’d sat in on previously. But this time, Adrian said something that really stuck with me – he said that you can’t just build a blog. You also need to build an audience. 

That got me thinking about how many people start a blog, start writing content (even great content), and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen – a la Field of Dreams, if you build it, will they come? 

The short answer is no – and I’m not the only one thinking about this. For the why, you need to take a look over at Jayne Navarre’s latest post "2014 Reboot: In case you’ve forgotten, law Blogs are (still) ‘social’ media" and Kevin O’Keefe’s follow-up "Do not confuse writing an article with blogging.

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I’m a big believer that every marketing tactic is not for everyone – we all have our strengths. Some people will be excellent public speakers, who enjoy sharing their expertise with large audiences. Others will be happy to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it were) and write blog posts and articles. Still others will shine when you put them in a room full of strangers to network. 

As many people as there are, there will be marketing tactics and ways of implementing them. 

But I will say that if your firm is not creating and delivering content that can be shared in some way, you are missing out. 

When I was growing up, content was created for you – if you wanted the news, you’d buy a newspaper or magazine and read a series of articles that were written by others and put together by others. The television news was the same. You had very little say over what was produced, other than using your purchasing or viewing power to reflect your likes and dislikes. Continue Reading It’s All About the Content