In our ongoing series on essential soft skills for lawyers, we’ve tackled the basics and presentations, and now, we’re diving into the realm of business writing. While you might be proficient in legal jargon, effective business writing demands clarity, conciseness, and accessibility – qualities that resonate with both legal and non-legal audiences alike.

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We’re continuing our series on soft skills that lawyers require in order to achieve success. We’ve looked at some suggestions for improving networking and presentation skills, and the next item in our series is raising the level of our business writing.

You may feel that this is something that you’re already pretty adept at, since you do a lot of writing – but my guess is that it’s primarily focused on legalese. And while you, and other lawyers, will understand this clearly, most of your clients and potential clients don’t want to be reading a lot of phrases like “inter alia” or highly technical writing. Even the lawyers among them will want you to get right to the point, and distill your writing into direct, actionable items that they can understand efficiently.

So how do you practice that?
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