Today, I am bringing you a guest post from my friend, Lance Godard! Lance has spent three decades within the legal profession, in-house and as a consultant, helping lawyers and practice groups grow their book of business. He’s the founder of The Godard Group, a marketing communications firm for lawyers and firms. You can

September and October are two of my favorite months, not the least of which is because it gives me motivation, motivation for a fresh start as if I’m starting a new school year again. 

As I’m thinking about fresh start today, I’m bringing you a Two for Tuesdays that focuses on a marketing refresh!

Tip One: Refresh Your Social Media Profiles

It happens quickly – once you’ve made the time investment to open and populate your social media profiles, you are apt to forget about them as you get busy. Even if you’re using them on a daily or weekly basis. 

Let this tip encourage you to take a quick look at them and do a refresh.

  • LinkedIn: First, make sure you’ve turned your profile notifications off, or your connections will suspect that you’re looking for a new job. Then, look through your profile. Is your photo up to date? Are your job title and headline as current (and descriptive) as they could be? Have you started working more in one practice area over another, and need to have your experience reflect that? Are your recommendations years old, and you need to reach out to some new clients? Take a look at anything that might look out of date or incorrect and use this time to correct it. 

    Check any LinkedIn groups and pages that you manage as well to ensure that all information is current, and that any discussions you’ve pinned to the top level are recent ones. 

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One of the ILN’s member firms, Fogler Rubinoff, recently launched a new website, focused on responsive design and definitely very cutting edge for the legal profession. We invited Michael Slan to present on the site during our 2013 Annual Meeting, and Michael had some great best practices for law firms on redesigning their websites, which I’d like to share. 

Michael began by addressing some of the issues that they had with their current site, which had last been redesigned in 2005. The site itself was fine, but it had some issues: 

  • Looked like everyone else’s 
  • Required too many clicks
  • Too much scrolling
  • Inefficient layout of content
  • Text-heavy and lacked visual content

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