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Why Legal Tech does not work: The top 8 mistakes GCs make

Today, we’re bringing you a special guest post from the folks at Legal Gateway, who have identified the top eight mistakes that in-house counsel make when implementing legal technology that prevents it from being successful. In-house lawyers: this one’s for you, and for our outside counsel readers, consider sharing this with your clients and discussing … Continue Reading

International Women’s Day – An Ode to Mentors

On this International Women’s Day, we reached out to some strong, smart women we know – the in-house counsel in our LinkedIn group – and asked them to say a few words about the mentors that they credit with helping them with their professional advancement. We’re all made better by the passion, guidance, and helping … Continue Reading

“Relationships Matter, But Not if We Can’t Afford Them” An Interview with Operations Lead, Dan Baker

We’re about an hour away from Viewabill’s two-hour webinar today on the topic of improving the attorney-client relationship! On Friday, I shared an interview I had done with Casey Flaherty of Kia Motors. I also had the pleasure of speaking with another of the panelists, Dan Baker, who is the Senior Operations Lead for LinkedIn … Continue Reading

What Really Matters to Purchasers of Legal Service? An Interview with General Counsel, Casey Flaherty

On Monday, Viewabill will be presenting a two-hour webinar session on the topic of improving the attorney-client relationship through innovation. I first became familiar with Viewabill during the P3 conference, when panelists during one of the sessions were discussing its value.  Thanks to my coverage of P3, I was able to get a heads up … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: Selecting Outside Counsel

Today, we welcome to the General Counsel Corner Tina Rao, the Chief Counsel, Healthcare for Maxim Healthcare Inc.  Our question to Ms. Rao was:  What is your process for selecting outside counsel?" She let us know that:  There are many ways that you can select outside counsel but personal relationships and connections are most significant. … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: Selecting Outside Counsel

For today’s General Counsel Corner, I had the pleasure of having a phone interview with Clay Matthews, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for NewMarket Corporation. The question I had for Mr. Matthews was:  What is your process for selecting outside counsel?"  His answer was quite interesting, because while some of it was in line with things we’ve … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: Clients Want a Partner

For this month’s installment of our General Counsel Corner, we are pleased to welcome Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Director of Internal Operations for Jacam Chemical Company, Jayson Macyda.   Mr. Macyda is not only a lawyer for Jacam, but also a general business manager. Because of his dual function, he is keenly aware of … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: Important Factor When Hiring a Law Firm

For our latest installment of the General Counsel Corner, we talked to Mark Ginalski, the General Counsel at SunLink Corporation. SunLink manufactures integrated PV balance of system solutions for the photovoltaic industry that reduce the cost of installation, ease permitting, and enhance system design flexibility. SunLink’s industry-leading solar roof and ground mount racking systems, HomeRun™ … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: How to Learn About Your Clients

For our third installment of our General Counsel Corner, we’ve brought in an In-house Counsel at a leading independent fiduciary services business.  Our question to him was:  What is your preference for how a lawyer tries to learn more about you and your business?" He told us, "Good question. I’d say it’s like any client relationship … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: Selection Process for Outside Counsel

For our second installment of our General Counsel Corner, I’m very pleased to welcome a GC from the Baltics!  Risto Hübner works as the General Counsel / Head of Legal for Nortal, which is the largest software development company in the Baltics. You can learn more about Nortal on their website here: http://www.nortal.com/about-us/overview My question to … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: Factors in Hiring Outside Counsel

I’m very excited to be kicking off our newest feature today on Zen – the General Counsel Corner!  Throughout my career, I’ve seen a number of in-house counsel presentations and articles, many of which continue to have the same themes with respect to the inside/outside counsel relationship. It seems that many law firms may still … Continue Reading