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Using the Client Experience to Up Your Game

The final session that I’d like to share from the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference this year focused on learning lessons from businesses outside of the legal industry – while there’s something to be said for understanding what your peers are doing within the industry, there’s a lot to be learned from other professionals as … Continue Reading

Marketing: Creating Moments that Matter

“What if we showed up and said ‘We’re human too’?” asked Deloitte CMO, Diana O’Brien during last week’s Legal Marketing Association‘s keynote presentation. It may seem like a strange message from a CMO when talking about marketing your brand, but like many of us, O’Brien has been emphasizing that the client experience is essential for marketing success – … Continue Reading

How to Lose a Client in One Easy Step

If you ask any of my lawyers, they’ll tell you that I have a “mad face.” I reserve it for times when I need to get them moving from one thing to the next at conferences (and they’re not hustling), or when I am actually frustrated about something that’s not running as smoothly for them … Continue Reading

10 Wishes for 2014 – How did we do?

You may recall that at the beginning of 2014, I put together five posts on my wishes for you for the coming year:  10 Wishes for 2014 – Plan & Be Open 10 Wishes for 2014 – Be Social, Online and Off 10 Wishes for 2014 – Taking Small Steps Can Mean Big Changes 10 … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays: Client Service

It’s hard to believe that only three days ago at this time, I was snorkeling with my clients in Costa Rica and seeing my first sting ray! Spending a few days with my clients always gets me thinking about networking, as you know, but it also gets me thinking about client service. So for today’s … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays: Up Your Game

One of the things I think a lot about is client service – I’m regularly trying to figure out how I can bring more value to my own clients, but also looking critically at how others meet their clients’ needs and wants.  For all of us, no matter what work we do, we are all … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: Selecting Outside Counsel

Today, we welcome to the General Counsel Corner Tina Rao, the Chief Counsel, Healthcare for Maxim Healthcare Inc.  Our question to Ms. Rao was:  What is your process for selecting outside counsel?" She let us know that:  There are many ways that you can select outside counsel but personal relationships and connections are most significant. … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays: Tips from Taylor Swift

The more I see of Taylor Swift, the more of a marketing genius I realize she is. And not just because I can’t get "Shake it Off" out of my head this week. There are a few things that Taylor does that create rabid loyalty among her fans – and I mean rabid.  Before you … Continue Reading

Client Service: Think Like a Client!

The advice to "think like a client" in order to improve your client service is not a new one – but today, I want to offer you a little bit of a twist on that advice, which will help you to up your game.  The idea of thinking like your client can be a daunting … Continue Reading

General Counsel Corner: Clients Want a Partner

For this month’s installment of our General Counsel Corner, we are pleased to welcome Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Director of Internal Operations for Jacam Chemical Company, Jayson Macyda.   Mr. Macyda is not only a lawyer for Jacam, but also a general business manager. Because of his dual function, he is keenly aware of … Continue Reading

Client Service: How did you Make a Client Happy TODAY?

As I was thinking about client service this morning, I wondered to myself whether there was anything left to discuss that hasn’t already been said. Of course, there’s an old adage that roughly says something about there being no new ideas, just new people discussing them, but even here at Zen, we’ve already talked about … Continue Reading

Client Service: What would make you leave?

This morning, Nancy Myrland wrote an excellent blog post on one of the most important questions you should be asking your clients, both new clients and long-term clients:  What can I do to keep you as a client for the long haul?" Nancy must be reading my mind again, because I have "client service" down … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays: Must-Reads

Happy Tuesday all! I’m gearing up to head out to Chicago again for the Legal Marketing Association’s Practice Innovation Conference – also known as P3: Project Management, Pricing, Process Improvement. I’ll be blogging and live tweeting from the sessions on Thursday and Friday, so keep an eye out for some great content!  But first, we’re … Continue Reading

Client Service: The Power of “I’m Sorry”

Last week, when we talked about thinking like a marketer, I shared the following statistic from Blue Kite Marketing:  People use hundreds of products and services every day. About 95 percent of those interactions go completely unnoticed. Another three percent of those experiences are ones that you are complaining about." What that tells us is … Continue Reading

Two for Tuesdays: Think Like a Marketer

Attorneys, do not panic. I haven’t lost my mind when I ask you to think like a marketer (I promise, bear with me).  How many of you (raise your hands) think of marketing as something that some group in your office does once in a while?  How many of you think of marketing as brochures … Continue Reading

Client Service: There are no Stupid Questions

This afternoon, I was thinking back to my very first "official" job, as kennel help at a pet store in northern New Jersey. It was hard work, and long hours, but playing with puppies was a pretty great benefit of working there. It also taught me a lot, and one lesson I remember being crystal … Continue Reading