Pre-pandemic, we were discussing the crucial skills young lawyers needed to master for success, and it’s striking to think that one of those was in-person presentation skills. While we have returned to face-to-face interactions, we have also learned that it’s imperative to enhance our virtual presentation abilities. We might assume that being adept presenters translates seamlessly to Zoom, but mastering online delivery requires a distinct skill set. Here are five ways to adapt your in-person prowess to the virtual realm, along with some bonus tips for virtual presentations:

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In this ongoing saga, we’ve witnessed the rise of virtual gatherings over the past couple of years, with many of us now yearning to return to in-person interactions. So, which mode of meeting takes the crown? The answer might surprise you—it’s a tie!

Virtual meetings have become an indispensable part of our professional lives, offering a plethora of advantages. But before you ditch your webcam for good, let’s delve into the benefits of both virtual and in-person meetings, and why you should embrace them both.

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As April ushers in a new season, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our career journeys and seek inspiration for the road ahead. On our podcast, Law Firm ILN-telligence, we often delve into the pivotal lessons learned by legal professionals throughout their careers. With spring in full swing, I’m excited to share some of these invaluable insights to energize and motivate you on your professional climb. Join me as we explore essential career lessons that every lawyer should embrace for success in the legal world.

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It’s been just over four years since the world shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic.

In some ways, it feels like another lifetime, and I believe that’s a trauma response. But a LOT has changed since 2020. I do firmly believe, however, that the pandemic and the months that we spent at home were not a blip, but a sea-change.

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Introducing our comprehensive guide to mastering modern time management for lawyers! Whether you’re juggling billable hours or balancing personal commitments, these five strategies will revolutionize how you manage your time:

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I’m on hold, listening to what I’m sure this company assured itself was jazzy music, while I try not to grind my teeth together.

It has been four weeks since the dishwasher repairman was here to assure me that it would only be “a few days” before a new dishwasher was installed.

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In our ongoing series on essential soft skills for lawyers, we’ve tackled the basics and presentations, and now, we’re diving into the realm of business writing. While you might be proficient in legal jargon, effective business writing demands clarity, conciseness, and accessibility – qualities that resonate with both legal and non-legal audiences alike.

So, how can you enhance your business writing prowess in today’s digital landscape?

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You may have heard that Robert Downey, Jr.(RDJ) won the Screen Actors Guild award a few weeks ago for his portrayal of Lewis Strauss in Oppenheimer. I didn’t watch the awards ceremony, but I heard later that RDJ mentioned Mel Gibson in his speech – he was thanking several celebrities who had influenced his career, and Gibson was one of them.

Because of RDJ’s decades-long work on his sobriety, he works hard not to be judgemental of other people, and supposedly this is where his willingness to forgive Gibson for his previous harm to others comes in. Gibson isn’t the only one that RDJ has so willingly forgiven – RDJ has also recently helped Armie Hammer, who was credibly accused of several things (I won’t detail them here, but you can easily google them; no actual charges have ever been filed).

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As we started to discuss last week, in the realm of legal practice, mastering soft skills is just as crucial as understanding the law itself. One such skill that often requires refinement is the art of presentation. Whether you’re a fledgling attorney or a seasoned professional, effective presentation skills can significantly bolster your career trajectory.

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